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Professionally Designed Home Security Plan

Worried about protecting what's yours against something big? Let a Wartime Tactics Expert design your home security and defense plan with in person training.

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Personalized Home Security Plan

Because every situation is different.

Outer Perimeter

Never a nasty surprise. Our experts will teach you how to set up your perimeter defenses in such a way that you'll deter, see, hear, slow down or stop the enemy before they reach your doors (based solely on your specific needs and situation.) 


Individual Weapons Training and Close Quarter Combat. Discover wartime tactics with in person training on how to fight back when you are outnumbered.

Inner Perimeter

Protect what's yours. Based on the layout of your home and other related factors, we'll design a defensive plan specifically for you with everything from best fighting positions to strengthening vulnerabilities. 

Safe Rooms

We'll show you the best options that you have based off of your needs/situation in creating a safe room that will keep you alive and not turn into a coffin.

Escape Routes

Always survive. How to get out and where to go once it is time to effect your escape. Our experts will help you design an escape plan that will not only get you out, but help you evade and survive. 

One on One

No worries. When you train with Tackleberry Solutions, you get 100% of our expert's attention as we only allow 1 client at a time in our Home Security Defense program. This means that not only do you get to ask as many questions as you want, but you won't have to worry about anyone overhearing or gaining access to your customized home defense design.

Complete security plan for your home

  • We are a small business delivering professional attention for all clients
  • Never worry about your privacy, we don't keep records of who was here or what their defensive plan/layout was

Check Out Our VIP Package!

Don’t miss the opportunity to get extra special training and all of our Home Defense wartime tactics manuals with our VIP package.

Training Packages


$ 4,999

  • 1 Full Day of Training (Lunch Provided)
  • Customized Outer Perimeter Plan
  • Customized Inner Perimeter Plan
  • Escape Plan
  • Safe Room Intel
  • Strategic Fighting Positions Layout
  • Customized Spiderweb design
  • You Choice of CQC (Close Quarter Combat) or Force on force training

Bravo (VIP)

$ 10,499

Includes Alpha service +

  • A 2nd day of Training (Lunch Provided)
  • IWT (Individual Weapons Training)
  • CQB (Close Quarter Combat Training)
  • Day/Night Force on Force Training
  • All Home Defense Tactics Books
  • Personalized Solar Power System Design
  • Personalized Emergency Water Design
  • Personalized Emergency Communications Design w/ custom built Antennae

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410 Carter Thigpen Rd, Mount Olive, NC, 28365, US

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