Close Quarter Combat

6 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

Fighting in close quarters is difficult. This is how you can use your weapon without risking it getting grappled from your hands.

Course Structure

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Clearing Your Home

Get in the habit of checking your home after you've been gone. This is how to do it correctly.

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Target Engagement

Learn how to:

  • Bullet Placement
  • Multiple Target Engagement
  • Weapon Retention
  • Fighting in Close Quarters with a Weapon
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Single-handed Target Engagement

Learn how to stay in the fight even when your dominant shooting hand is unuseable. 

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30 Round Pistol Qualification

Take the exact same qualification that covert operatives have to take with their pistols.

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Fighting from the Vehicle

Learn the best way to:

  • Defend Your Vehicle
  • Stop Attacking Vehicles
  • How Bullets Work on a Vehicle
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Bonus Section


  • Batt Masterson Gun Fight Techniques
  • Holster Locations (the proper way to carry)
  • Extra Mag Locations (where you can carry and extra Mag)
  • Calibre/Weapon Choice
  • Expanding Your Knowledge