Civil Defense

Guerrilla Warfare

3 Chapters 18 Lessons Advanced

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Course Structure

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Acquiring Equipment 6 Lessons

Considerations for War

What you need in order to conduct Guerrilla Warfare.

Blending In

How to blend in with the local populace so you don't stand out for your enemy to find you.

Communications & Code Talk

How to not be tracked via signal or have your plans exposed when communicating with your guys or other guerrilla groups.

Acquiring Weapons

What do you do when you can't just go to your local gun store and purchase weapons to defend yourself?

Obtaining Food

You can't only rely on obtaining food from your enemy - they may start poisoning it.

Getting Medical Treatment

You can't just show up at a hospital and get help if your enemy knows to look for you there. 

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Networking 3 Lessons

Establishing Connections

Networking is something that you need to be doing well in advance. It is not something that just pops up overnight but it can make the difference between victory and defeat.

Optimizing Connections

Coming Soon! - Your network is a give and take relationship. You don't just share supplies but intelligence as well.

Identifying Spies

Coming Soon! Your enemy may implant a mole into your ranks - these are your warning signs. 

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Overcoming Your Enemy 9 Lessons

Invasion Warning Signs

Coming Soon! - Your first clue of a military-style invasion - major power outages.

Scouting Your Target

Coming Soon! - Recon work is vitally important, it is also vital that your enemy not know that's what you are doing.

Sniper Missions

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Using Explosives

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Mission Examples

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Bonus Material

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