Knife Fighting for Self-Defense

8 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

Although the gun is preferable, the knife can be very useful when it comes to self-defense. It is easier to carry and easier to conceal. However, if you are going to use a knife as your self-defense weapon, you better be good at using it or it could backfire.

Be warned that the techniques covered in this course are brutal and can cause quite a big mess.

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Target Areas

Anatomy is especially important when it comes to working with a knife. Knowing where the major arteries and the CNS are will help you get an idea on where to cut. Especially when you are in the heat of the moment and it is hard to remember specific moves. 


Rear Attacks

This is what you can do in the event you are attacked with a knife from behind. There are various methods based on your size and the size of your attacker.


The Karambit

The Karambit featured in this course is a 4 inch long curved blade. It is mostly used by individuals skilled in martial arts and is designed for more experienced fighters.


The Ka-Bar

The Ka-Bar is the military's weapon of choice and specifically designed for the Marines. I was trained more on it's use than any other knife. Because of this, it is one I personally feel is more comfortable and versatile. It can be used not only as a self-defense weapon but a survival knife as well.


The Pocket Knife

The versatile knife can be used as more than just a tool. A quality pocket knife is strong and sharp. It enables you to attack more aggressively without fear of breaking or getting your knife stuck.


Disarming Your Attacker

It's not really a good idea to try and take a knife from someone who is attacking you with one. Obviously, the best option would be to use your gun and shoot them. However, if you were to take a knife from your attacker, this is how you would do it.



This is your challenge now - take what you've learned and expand on it.