Civil Defense

Civil Defense NS

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Looters, thieves, murderers, invaders - no matter the threat, these neighborhood security (NS) tactics will help keep your area secure.

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Civil Defense


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Civil Defense

The Perimeter

Preventing outside forces from entering uninvited.

Civil Defense


Positioning and an outline of the training required to guard the area.

Civil Defense

Casualties and Enemy Prisoners

These teams are to secure enemy prisoners and save lives.

Civil Defense

Quick Reaction Force

These are your defenders of your community. They act as both a policing agency and combat invading forces.

Civil Defense

Hunting and Recon Teams

Organize your hunting and recon teams to both be aware of what is outside your neighborhood and gather more food.

Civil Defense

Direct Action/Strike Teams

These are the guys that go outside to gather supplies and combat the enemy.

Civil Defense

Medical Teams

Location and recommended training for your medical needs.

Civil Defense

Communications Center

This is how you would keep in touch with other neighborhoods/communities or the outside world.

Civil Defense

Convoy Operations

You need these methods to move goods/people from one secure location to another.

Civil Defense

Bonus Material

Extra advice for series preppers.