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The Recon Soldier's secret to home security in defending your property, your guns and your liberty. Learn how to take on the big boys (like Swat Teams) so that the little guys (common criminals) are a piece of cake.

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Put on your big boy pants and let's get dirty. Advanced Home Security starts here.

Fortify Your Home – The Basics

There are several key basic steps that need to be taken in making your home more secure. Ensuring that it is done correctly will make the difference between victory and defeat when push comes to shove.

Anti-Breaching Tactics (Advanced Fortification)

The fortification of your home goes hand in hand with using delay devices to prevent, slow down, or even stop an attack. When your home is properly fortified, you stand a much greater chance of surviving an attack than you would if all you were relying on was the gun on your side.

Home Defense

Alarm Systems

Having some sort of alarm both on the inside and outside of your home will vastly improve your home defense. Having an effective system doesn't have to be costly. There are several low cost and effective ways to serve as alarms.

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The Perimeter

The sooner you can identify a threat and engage it, the better off your chances are of surviving an attack. The perimeter of your home can give you an advantage if you have it set up correctly.

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Combat Tactics

Your attacker(s) have breached your home and now you've got to repel the attack within your own walls. We will call this the ambush phase.

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The Siege

You've repelled the initial attack and now your home is under siege. You've all sorts of the wrong attention and you are facing a deadly response should you step outside your home. Now what?

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Topics covered in this course:

  • The AR15
  • Barriers 
  • Targets of Opportunity
  • Knowing Your Attacker
  • Body Armor
  • Shields
  • Choosing Your Weapon
  • Recommended Calibers
  • Bullet Placement
  • Using Noise as Your Ally
Home Defense

Bonus Section

A home defense plan is not complete without a little more research. These resources should help you develop a deeper understanding of your defensive positions and securing your home.