Protecting Your Child

7 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

Children are very vulnerable and so are you when they are in your care. These one-handed tactics will work even if you have a child in your arms. 

Course Structure

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Single-hand Shooting Tactics

In this lesson you will learn:

  • Where and how to carry
  • Weapon Retention
  • Close Quarter Shooting
  • One-handed Reloads
  • Bullet Placement
  • 30' Rule
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Single-hand Weapon Disarms

Learn how to (while holding a child):

  • Disarm your attacker from the Front
  • Disarm your attacker from the Rear¬†
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How to Clear Your Home

So many people do not realize that attackers can and will break in and hide inside their victim's own home. Their intent is to wait for their return and catch them off guard. This course will teach you how to clear your home and where your children should be when you do it.

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Importance of Discipline

Bad things happen fast, and when it does you want your child to be able to respond to your instructions without question. This lesson teaches and emphasizes the importance of including your child in your emergency plans.

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Child Predators

This is a more modern issue. Child predators and sex slave traders are always out looking for their next victim and they are not where you would expect to find them. Be warned this very real and common threat will scare you to pieces.

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You are driving down the road with your children in the car and the vehicle behind you gets road rage. What do you do? In this lesson, you will discover ways you can use your vehicle to defend yourself, how to stop attacking vehicles and more.

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Bonus - Teaching Your Teenager

Your daughter is walking home from school and is attacked by a rapist. She can't carry a gun because she is not legally old enough to. - She can, however, carry a knife. If you've taught her what's in this lesson, she'll be just fine.