Anti-Rape Personal Self-Defense

11 Lessons Easy

About this course

This course is designed for entry-level students looking for real-world tactics when it comes to self-defense.  We incorporated different weapons and techniques so that you have more than one option to turn to when it comes to an attack. Methods of self defense change based on the situation. 

This course is also is designed to encourage you to "think outside the box," and realize most anything can be used as a self-defense weapon when applied properly. 

Finally, the course will help you find your comfort zone. We encourage you to find which method works best for you and master it with further study and practice.

Course Structure


Public Areas

Don't set yourself up to be a target while out in public. There are several things you can watch out for. Keep in mind your 30' rule and don't be afraid to tell anyone that makes you feel uncomfortable not to come any closer. Fist step to this action is called the warning draw.


Inside The Home

Most rapes occur within the walls of your own home. Ensuring that your home is properly fortified will help deter an attacker from targeting you.


The Attack

Now we are entering the main class for the anti-rape course. Here we will start teaching you ways that you can fight back should someone(s) try to assault you.


When Your Memory Fails

Being attacked is pretty scary. Many people have a mental break down or a complete brain freeze during the heat of an attack. If you can't remember anything else - remember this:


Weapons in Close Quarters

Learn how to use a pistol, knives and even your car keys when your attacker is on/near you.


Basic Self-Defense

Let us start with the proper way to punch - and no, it's not the way you would think. The method we are going to show you will not only enable you to inflict as much damage as possible but also prevent injury to your hand.


Brazilian Ju Jistu

Every fight is going to go to the ground. How fast it gets there depends upon the overall skill level of the combatants. Knowing how to work on the ground is essential (especially when it comes to self-defense against rape)



The cold hard truth about rape is that many times it could have been prevented. So many women put themselves in vulnerable positions without even thinking about it. The best way not being raped at all? Avoid putting yourself in the situation where it could happen.


The Aftermath

One of the biggest things that is lacking in most anti-rape courses is what to do afterwards if in the event (heaven forbid) you are raped. What can you do to ensure your attacker is caught ? *Hint: Don't take a shower*


Bonus – Knives

Can't carry a gun? Consider using a knife for self-defense instead. The methods taught in this class are a bit tricky but even a child can get it with practice.



Unless you've seen how violent an attack can get, it is hard to fully comprehend what to expect or how fast it can happen. Sicario can give you a hair's glimpse.