Home Defense eCourse

How to fortify your home so that you can combat an extreme home invasion by a professional force even if you've never been in a real firefight.

Outnumbered and Alone

My door wasn't locked but I knew no fear. A cold sense of resolve consumed my every thought on certain victory.

I felt the graves turning beneath my feet as the cries of America's founding fathers reverberated through the room. 

Like David and Goliath, I faced a truly monstrous enemy. My voice, and every other voice of the millions of victims before it was drowned in the cry of its roar. No plea by vote nor protest would delay its destructive slaughter. Death or slavery was all that was left. I chose Neither!

Like a spider, I let it come closer. Spreading like ants, the creature fanned out on all sides of my home. No thought of defeat crossed its mind.

Severely outnumbered. My assets were limited. I altered my weaknesses into unsuspected strengths. A new form of warfare had begun!

House of Pain mini eCourse

Welcome to my House of Pain. Friendly to all who cross its threshold invited. Deadly for any that try and violate it. Come, let me show you how you can protect your home and your family from uniformed gangs. My methods are simple. That's why it works.

Home Defense: Outnumbered and Alone

I Followed my soul in a gamble and Won!

You must accept the possibility of defeat before you can embrace the certainty of SUCCESS!

Don't be afraid to stand up for your home, your life, your family, your land, your morals and your freedoms. Let me show you how to easily repel an attack on your home so that you can live to fight another day!

Simple Methods

I'll be sharing tactics with you that will work even if you've never been in a real battle before.

Low Cost Solutions

You can afford to obtain these needed materials even if you're in a 1 income family with a minimum wage salary.

New Form of Warfare

One word. Unpredictable. That is what you're going for when the enemy hits. Trust me, they won't expect this.


These lethal, wartime tactics were designed specifically for those who are fighting for their lives against pure evil.

House of Pain mini eCourse

Do you dare look inside?


Lesson 1: The Perimeter

Simple explosives and tactics that will slow the enemy and force them through a fatal funnel to effect the most damage.


Lesson 2: The Spiderweb

How to set up your home defense in such a manner that you can stop evil even when they've gotten through your door and are inside your own home.


Lesson 3: Lighting at Night

How to engage the enemy when they come at you in the dark. Shadow games that will give you the edge that you need to survive.


The Best for LAST

Game Changers

Looks Can Be Deceiving

How to turn an ordinary house into a fortress without looking like one. You want your enemy to underestimate you! (This also gives you time to react when your pants are around your ankles.)

stay alive

Learn how you can keep yourself and your family alive after evil steps through your door. Because effective tactics and planning ahead always trumps numbers and assets.

Wild Card

Ah! Now that would be telling. In order for you to fully appreciate the magnitude of this juicy bonus, I'm afraid you'll have to take the course. But I will tell you one thing, it is a TOTAL GAME CHANGER!


Kit Arthur

About the Instructor

Kit Arthur is the founder and CEO. He created Tackleberry Solutions to teach others realistic wartime tactics based off of extensive personal experience and training. Arthur is unlike any other tactical instructor because he doesn't focus on the shooting aspect for "tacticool" looks and "accuracy." Instead he designed Tackleberry Solutions to teach real-life wartime tactics. Arthur's goal is to save as many lives as he can through his teaching and keep families together and free.

You can make this possible.

Imagine that you had the ability to stand up to oppression without the fear of losing everything. Imagine saying, "No!" to outrageous mandates and not having to hide.

What would it be like to truly show the world that American spirit of freedom isn't dead? Better yet, imagine setting the example for other nations to follow. 

What value would you put on that type of ability and knowledge? 

This little eCourse will the the best investment of your life.

Home Defense: Outnumbered and Alone

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If you aren’t completely satisfied, just ask and we will gladly give you a full refund of your purchase price. Give it a try, the risk is on us! 

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