Wartime Tactics: 
How to Stop a Trained Militaristic Force.

If you can take on a group of professional soldiers - marauding gangs become a piece of cake.


Step 1: Fortify Your Position

Cheap ways to make your home a fortress without looking like one.

Step 2: Repel the Assault

How ONE person can stop an entire trained militaristic force. 

Step 3: Stop the Siege

What Waco, Texas and Ruby Ridge could have done to avoid the massacre.

Step 4: Evade Capture

How to disappear when you are being chased. 

Step 5: Rally Your Community

How to be like Paul Revere,  the Continental Minutemen, the Swamp Fox, and George Washington.

Step 6: Fight Back

How to take on mass numbers with limited resources (Guerrilla Warfare)


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These are wartime tactics – not peacetime tactics. Some of these methods may be highly illegal. We do not advocate the use of this knowledge to hurt the innocent. Be sure to know the laws in your area. You are responsible for your own actions.

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