Canine Intern Audrey Fleming 

Amy Arthur

Head of Protection Canine Program

Audrey has proven to be responsible, prompt and caring. She loves working with animals and shows a genuine interest in learning as much as she can.

Audrey Fleming

Canine Intern

Specialized Areas of Canine Training Experience

Tackleberry Solutions canines are trained and prepared for various forms of protection or service work depending upon their personality, performance, and social outing assessments.

Search & Rescue

Service canines that can find their target even off of a footprint alone

Emotional Therapy

Dobermans are a very loving breed and work great for emotional support

Protection Training

Everything from clearing buildings, to barking, to affecting the bite

About Audrey

Audrey is a University of Mount Olive student majoring in Veterinary Bioscience and minoring in Agribusiness. She has experience working at a commercial training facility as a kennel tech where she trained dogs for obedience and competitive bird hunting. Audrey is a certified veterinary assistant, giving her a health-based approach to training and caring for dogs. She has developed her leadership skills by being a Girl Scout of America for most of her life, in addition to joining FFA and becoming an officer in high school. In her free time, Audrey enjoys working with UMO's donkey as the head donkey trainer, broadening her knowledge in all areas of education, and sharing about agriculture.

Time Spent Working With Service Canines

At Tackleberry Solutions, every minute of an intern's work is counted and credited.

Search & Rescue

2 Hours

Emotional therapy

49 Hours

protection work

10 Hours

Basic Care and training

39 Hours

Total Time Invested: 100 Hours

Audrey's Published Articles

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