Wartime Tactics: 
How to Stop a Trained Militaristic Force.

If you can take on a group of professional soldiers - marauding gangs become a piece of cake.

Includes 1 book and 3 DVDs

only $374.99!

What's in the Book?

The book will have everything you see in the free PDF uncensored. I want you to know that I wasn't playing games when I created these lessons. I wanted to be sure that anyone serious about protecting themselves and their families could get a clear picture of how to get started. I also wanted anyone that purchased the book to know EXACTLY what it is they are getting into. Hence the free PDF.

Understand that the value of this information is PRICELESS. You will not find anyone else teaching this kind of stuff without any reserves. The only reason why I've even opened my mouth without holding ANYTHING back is because multiple wars are coming. People are going to die in droves if they don't start training now. America as a whole isn't just facing a potential Revolutionary War or even just a Civil War. There are other countries and people out there just waiting for us to fight each other so that they can slip in through the back door.

I spent weeks compiling years of military and real world experience down to 6 steps. Everything I put together was geared specifically to do the most amount of damage possible with the least amount of resources. These tactics were not made for the everyday joker. I ask that you use this information carefully and wisely.

What's in the DVDs?

Not everyone can train in person. The next best thing I can offer you are DVDs. The book simply isn't complete unless you watch the corresponding videos. There were some things I just simply couldn't explain on paper. 



These are wartime tactics – not peacetime tactics. Some of these methods may be highly illegal. We do not advocate the use of this knowledge to hurt the innocent. Be sure to know the laws in your area. You are responsible for your own actions.

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Justin Detwiler

"They're well trained and they're videos prove it. They're also well informed on the current situation of our safety."

Danny Allen

"I took the home defense course. I was very happy with the instruction given in the course, it was easy to follow and understand. After taking the course I feel MUCH more prepared to keep my family safer. I highly recommend Tackleberry Solutions!"


Amelia Kobravi

"I have bought emergency packs from this company and I loved what they did for me! Everything is top quality! Also I recently finished their home defense course and really loved it! I had no idea how defenseless my home really was up to that point! This instructor is so knowledgable about self defense and home defense. I highly recommend him to anyone!"

Katie Duprey Swinson

"Very informative, great videos and tips! Highly Recommended. Thanks TackleberrySolutions. "

Includes 1 book and 3 DVDs

only $374.99!

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Includes 1 book and 3 DVDs

only $374.99!

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