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Canine Personalized Profile

Privacy Warning

Every registered canine on Tackleberry Solutions has a personal profile page that is public. This means that anyone can find this page and view it. As a result, we only share general information about each canine and do not feature personal content such as the owner's location and/or contact information. 

We do not take responsibility for any content placed on your dog's profile page. However, if there is a problem, you can contact us and we will ensure that the content on the page is updated to your needs within our guidelines.

Adding and Updating Information

Every canine's personal page is managed by the men or women who at times perform work for Tackleberry Solutions. So if you need to have your canine's information updated or changed to emergency "lost" or "stolen" status, then you can send us an email or give us a call ***-***-****.

Since we are a growing business, we will need at least 24 hours to update your canine's profile page. While we will update or fix any errors on your canine's page as quickly as possible, some understanding is requested in the waiting process for us to do so. Please be sure to define your urgency if your canine is lost or stolen.

You will be notified via email when your profile has been updated. Please be sure that we are on your contact list so that we do not end up in your spam folder.

Email notifications will come from:

Lost or Stolen Canine Emergencies

If your canine is lost or stolen, we will update your page as quickly as we are able. *Note* response time will improve as our company grows.

 We will notify you when this is done.

After your canine's profile page has been updated to "lost" or "stolen," we will send out a one-time email upon request to all of our subscribers alerting them of this emergency. *Note* We will not share contact information for the owner on these emails. Subscribers will be encouraged to reach out to the men or women managing Tackleberry Solutions' canine profiles if they have information that may lead to the finding of the lost or stolen canine.

While the canine's profile status change to emergency and email alert can help in locating lost or stolen dogs, there is no guarantee that they will be found. However, keeping your canine's page updated with recent pictures and videos can greatly aid in the possibility of locating or recovering your dog.

Once your dog is located, you will need to contact us in order to remove the "lost" or "stolen" status off of your canine's profile page. 

Canine Profile Page Usage

In order to prevent fraud, every personalized canine page will be extensively reviewed before posting. If we suspect that the information, pictures and/or images used on your canine's profile page is false or fraudulent, we will remove the page and you will be banned from our website. If content is removed in error, you may contact us to request correction and provide proof of authenticity. We reserve the right to determine authenticity. according to our own standards and abilities.

In conjunction with that, we may not always be able to catch every false or stolen content. If you find that there is possible issue with a canine's profile page, we request that you contact us so that we may further investigate and correct and/or shut down that page.

If a page is found to be fraudulent or misleading, no refund will be issued.

If you feel that your page has been shut down in error, please feel free to contact us.

Furthermore, any man or woman associated with Tackleberry Solutions will not be held responsible for any content (images, texts, videos or otherwise) posted on a canine's public page. We will also be sure to follow every legal avenue to hold any accountable for submitting false or fraudulent content to be posted on a personalized web page.

AKC And Other Canine Clubs/Organizations

We are not associated with the AKC or any other canine club or organization. As a result, having your canine registered or certified with Tackleberry Solutions may not bear any credit with outside organizations.

Service or Protection Canine Status

Just because your canine is registered with Tackleberry Solutions, does not mean that they will automatically qualify for legal canine status as a registered service or protection canine. 

Registration and certification with Tackleberry Solutions as a canine for those that have been personality tested, only indicates that their personality has the potential to commence the training required for special canine status. In order to be fully recognized as a service or protection dog, you must go through official legal services in your jurisdiction. 

We do not advocate that you claim your canine is a service or protection dog without the proper and legal steps to do so.

Defining Your Breed

Every canine's page is personalized to their bloodline and individual information. Registration is not limited to any specific breed of dog. You are also allowed to declair that you canine is whatever breed that you want it to be called. That being said, such status is not guaranteed to be acknowledged as an official breed by outside clubs, organizations, etc. That isn't to say that new breeds can't be born. It just means that such an official event is not controlled by any associated with Tackleberry Solutions.

Your Canine's Value

While keeping a record and having a public personalize profile page is an excellent way to improve your canine's value, it is not guaranteed that it will. Your results will vary based on the marketing and work you put into to it and not necessarily anything on the part of anyone associated with Tackleberry Solutions.

Personality Tests and Training Potential

Personality tests and training potential declarations done by the men or women working for Tackleberry Solutions do not guarantee the outcome of the canine's behavior and/or training results.

Personality tests are done as a general analysis. As a result, they are on an opinion basis only and are not findings of facts.

Your canine's behavior and their accomplishments are not guaranteed by any man or women associated with Tackleberry Solutions and will vary based on countless factors to include the canine's health, behavioral development, training and environment.

Anyone associated with Tackleberry Solutions will not be held liable on your actions, or your canine's behavior/actions.

Subject to Change
This agreement is subject to change at any moment. 

If you have a specific concern or question not mentioned here, please be sure to contact us and verify before registering your canine or as soon as you discover the issue/question so that we can help you or clarify.