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March 15, 2019

Rape Victims in Europe are Rising

More and more women and children are turning into rape victims, sex slaves and being tortured by refugees packing into their country. Why isn’t this being publicized all across the world? Women in Europe are starting to speak out. Never AgainThis eCourse will teach you lethal tactics to stop a rapist Learn More Stepping Outside […]

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How to keep your guns without shooting the cops when you are targeted under the Red Flag Law

Gun ConfiscationPeople are getting picked off and either shot, or disarmed, one individual at a time under the guise of the Red Flag Law (Gun Confiscation). I can’t stress how many lives this new law will cost. The innocent are getting targeted in droves and it is not only giving law enforcement a bad name, […]

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December 31, 2018

America, A History of Resistance

It is easy to take your rights away when you’ve been led to believe that those rights are dangerous.America exists only because enough people worked together to fight for their freedom despite the overwhelming odds.  America’s history is one of resistance. Unfortunately, we have forgotten that in order to stay free, we must always *fight […]

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