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First-Time Doberman Owner - Understanding their Unique Personality

The Doberman is unlike any breed in the world. Not just any dog-lover can handle one. This digital course will teach you how to: 

Establish Internal Boundaries

The Doberman is the only breed in the world specifically designed to protect people, and not just property. Since their connection with mankind is so deep, no matter how much you try to fake how you feel, they'll see who you are to your very center and respond to it. Think of them like a magnified reflection of your true self. 

While this may seem intimidating at first, it is actually what makes the Doberman a true protector of people and even excellent candidates for service work due to their extremely loving and intuitive nature. In this course, you'll discover how you can take their perceptive nature and further build your bond while simultaneously preventing behavioral problems.

Identify Their Personality Type

The Doberman is the one of the top 5 most intelligent breeds in the world. Their intelligent nature and close connection with humans is impacted by each Doberman's individual personality. This difference in temperament dictates the type of training that they would respond best to.

To explain, a highly confident Doberman would need a firm hand. Corrections need to be handled in such a manner that you can clearly portray authority while building upon that desirable trait instead of tearing it down.

On the other hand, a sensitive Doberman is going to need a more gentle approach geared towards building up that confidence. Mixing up the needs of these personalities can lead to behavioral damage.

Command Respect Without Damage

No matter the personality type of your Doberman, they thrive best when they have a set structure of authority.

Instinct will tell them that for the best chances of survival, a strong leader in the family is needed. Without clear direction, they will feel the need to step up and take that role as leader. This can obviously lead to numerous issues.

However, leaders are not bullies. They do not command authority by intimidating or hurting their subjects. In this course, you will discover the secret behind establishing your role as the authority while also building upon their unique strengths for maximum potential.

Discover everything you need to know on how to handle a Doberman's individual personality in order to confidently maximize their potential.

About the Instructor: Amy Arthur

Amy breeds, trains, and sells, purebred Doberman Pinscher puppies for service or protection work and as excellent quality family pets. She ensures that each one of her puppies is personality tested and certified under Tackleberry Solutions and recommends each one for specific tasks depending upon their individual score results.

As a result, her close interaction with Dobermans has enabled her to address or help overcome common questions that first-time Doberman owners often encounter.

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What You'll Get

Everything a first-time Doberman owner needs to know about establishing authority, building a lasting bond, and expounding upon their dog's unique personality.


Establishing Internal Boundaries

While personality plays a key factor in a Doberman's behavior, your own demeanor, body language, and overall confidence level has a drastic impact on this particular breed. However, whether your Doberman is confident or timid and shy, the way you feel and behave towards them will directly impact your Doberman's actions.


How to Handle an Alpha Personality

Whether you are male or female, short or tall - a very confident Doberman can easily become obedient if you know how to utilize their personality with yours. Having said that, being a leader is NOT done by being a bully. There is a giant misconception that in order to establish authority, one must be behave aggressively. Quite the contrary.


How to Build up the Confidence of a Timid Personality

With the knowledge from this lesson, you will see how you can transform a once timid puppy into a very confident adult. Which can only be done with a tailored environment and training specifically designed to improve upon the puppy's confidence level. It is key to remember that continued personality assessments will be necessary before a dog can be trained in specialized work. Critically, if their scores do not improve, they would be best suited as family pets only and not work dogs.


How To Speak the Doberman Language

Speaking and understanding how a Doberman communicates works hand-in-hand with every other aspect of this course. If you cannot understand the signals that they are trying to send you on their specific needs or personality, then you are not going to be able to utilize any of these methods for optimal behavioral growth. "Reading" your Doberman will help guide you as their personality grows and develops.


How to Establish a Strong Bond

Obedience is predicated directly upon your Doberman's connection with you. Dogs are not robots. They obey out of trust, love and respect. By coupling their unique personality with reading their body language, you can quickly determine their readiness to work with you. This lesson will help you understand if your Doberman is ready to train and how to build that much needed trust in order to maximize their learning.


How to Socialize your Doberman

Fearful aggression is the most difficult and unpredictable part of a dog to control. All Dobermans (especially those potentially going into protection work) need to be socialized correctly. This lesson will teach you about the various fear stages that a Doberman experiences as it grows and how to optimize those times in order to correctly build up their confidence around strangers and visitors.


Individualized Guidance

Created for close interaction and one on one attention, this course is designed to bring out your individual needs and address them directly. You'll be given multiple opportunities and encouraged to participate in assessments, comments, or even sending direct questions to the instructor regarding your specific pain points on a concentrated level.

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What this Course is NOT

To be clear, this is not your average, "How to train your dog" course. You will not find anything like what we are offering you here anywhere else.

This is NOT a Training Course

While we do cover various training tips throughout the course, the main focus is to build the right mindset for you as the owner in order to prepare you for successful training and a long, happy relationship with your Doberman.


Each lesson will feature a video (for visual and audio learners), text (for those that prefer to read), and extra resources (such as further reading or pdf downloads)

PDF Downloads
  • The Perfect Puppy Checklist
  • 6 Most Overlooked Facts
  • Subtle Ways to Establish Dominance
  • Easy Ways to Build Confidence
  • Troubleshooting Behavior
  • and More!
Special Access

Included at the end of the course are a couple of lessons from our more advanced eCourse, "How to Train Your Own Personal Protection Dog." Which will cover the personality testing process and what to look for in the sire and dam of your new puppy. 

Any dog can bite, but it takes a special dog to have the intelligence, drive, desire and instincts required to know when it should and how.

Completion Certificate

Upon the completion of this course, you will be given the opportunity to take our Doberman compatibility assessment. After passing, you will get a certificate stating the completion of this course. You can then share this with your breeder of choice to help with the adoption process. (Every good breeder wants to ensure that their puppy is going to a good home.)


Beatrice Lyons

As a potential first-time Doberman owner, I found this eCourse to be very informative and helpful. Although I believed to have done extensive research on the breed there is always more to learn. Such as, their fear stages, what it means, when it occurs was extremely insightful and what to possibly look for is information worth knowing so as a pet parent, I can be proactive on how to work with them during these stages. In addition, learning and understanding the different personality types is worth its weight in gold. Understanding the puppy's personality type can serve as a baseline in assisting you with the proper training from the start let alone learning which personality type puppy works best for you and/or your family. I believe this eCourse provides substantial in-depth information and provides a well-rounded understanding of the Doberman breed within one course and would be extremely helpful to anyone interested in owning and learning about the breed. I have found other websites only provides your basic general information about the breed and they all say the same thing. I would recommend this eCourse for anyone interested or wanting to learn about the breed. Amy, thank you for creating the eCourse.


First-Time Doberman Owner - Understanding their Unique Personality

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