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Wartime Tactics

Tackleberry Solutions is an educational company that teaches wartime military tactics for home defense. As a part of that we also breed and personality test Doberman Pinscher Bite and Tracking Service Dogs.

3 levels of home defense that will BLOW YOUR MIND

What Others Say


"They're well trained and they're videos prove it. They're also well informed on the current situation of our safety."

Justin Detwiler 


I took the home defense course. I was very happy with the instruction given in the course, it was easy to follow and understand. After taking the course I feel MUCH more prepared to keep my family safer. I highly recommend Tackleberry Solutions!

Danny Allen


I have bought emergency packs from this company and I loved what they did for me! Everything is top quality! Also I recently finished their home defense course and really loved it! I had no idea how defenseless my home really was up to that point! This instructor is so knowledgable about self defense and home defense. I highly recommend him to anyone!

Amelia Kobravi


Kit Arthur

About the Instructor

Kit Arthur is the founder and CEO. He created Tackleberry Solutions to teach others realistic wartime tactics based off of extensive personal experience and training. Arthur is unlike any other tactical instructor because he doesn't focus on the shooting aspect for "tacticool" looks and "accuracy." Instead he designed Tackleberry Solutions to teach real-life wartime tactics. Arthur's goal is to save as many lives as he can through his teaching and keep families together and free.

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