We teach wartime tactics to individuals and groups

Tactical Education  that takes you from Mr. Rogers to Roy Benavidez

Identify Threats

Stop Invasions

Prevent Genocide

Identify Threats

Stop Invasions

Prevent Genocide

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Why Do You Need Civil Defense NOW?

You can use Civil Defense to Protect Against:

  • Marauding Gangs
  • Full-scale Invasions
  • Tyranny
  • Looting
  • Criminals
  • Any form of an SHTF situation

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Tackleberry Solutions consider the cops to be the bad guys?

Does Tackleberry Solutions encourage war?

Won't more people get killed with Civil Defense?

If America got thrown into a civil war, I don’t plan on picking sides – why would I need Civil Defense?

Does Tackleberry Solutions teach religion in their courses?

Do these tactics actually work?

Isn’t it better to train in person?

These prices are ridiculous, is this a scam?

Is this worth my money?

I’m very busy, how can I find the time to learn this?

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Civil Defense Used To Be Common Knowledge

However, it is no longer being taught.

Our goal is to bring it back, and through it, save as many lives as possible. 

Only in working together, will we be truly safe.

We've broken down years of training into just 4 steps.

Step 1: The Neighborhood Guardian

Step 2: The Quick Reaction Force

Step 3: The Direct Action Force

Step 4: The Community Commander

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We Have Trained Over Thousands of Soldiers, Law Enforcement

and Freedom Fighter Groups Real Military Tactics - Now You Can Learn Too

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Recommended By: Gallows And Guillotines

"They're well trained and they're videos prove it. They're also well informed on the current situation of our safety."

Justin Detwiler

"I took the home defense course. I was very happy with the instruction given in the course, it was easy to follow and understand. After taking the course I feel MUCH more prepared to keep my family safer. I highly recommend Tackleberry Solutions!"

Danny Allen

"Very informative, great videos and tips! Highly Recommended. Thanks TackleberrySolutions. "

Katie Duprey Swinson


"I have bought emergency packs from this company and I loved what they did for me! Everything is top quality! Also I recently finished their home defense course and really loved it! I had no idea how defenseless my home really was up to that point! This instructor is so knowledgable about self defense and home defense. I highly recommend him to anyone!"

Amelia Kobravi



About the Instructor

Arthur has always had a serious passion for shooting and living off of the land. He started his career working with law enforcement and has been an army recon soldier for over a decade. Arthur has dedicated his life to saving others from hardships and war. Most of his free time is spent outdoors training. With the core belief that the only answer to surviving mass devastation is by being prepared & working together.  His goal is to teach that concept to as many as possible.

Step 1:
The Guardian

The Guardian is the watchdog that warns of coming threats. They can operate as individuals or as a team. The Guardian(s) identify and eliminate threats as well as lead the QRF to stop invading forces.

We will teach you how to conduct: Stationary Guard Points, Roaming Guards, Range Cards, Vehicle Approaches, Subject Control, Arrest Techniques, Close Quarter Combat and More! Basically everything you need to know about guarding during both peacetime and wartime.

Step 2:
Quick Reaction Force

A Quick Reaction Force is the backup for your Neighborhood Guardian. They act as a defensive force for the entire community by responding with superior firepower and tactics. We will teach you how to work quickly as a team using real military infantry tactics to protect your community from an invading force. A QRF member must train as a Guardian first, then we will teach you: Infantry Tactics, Close Quarter Combat, and Improvised Explosives.

Step 3:
Direct Action Force

A Direct Action Force protects your community from abroad by taking the fight to the enemy. A DAF team will conduct Recon, Personnel Rescue, Snatch and Grabs, Full Scale Assaults, Assist Allied Communities Under Attack, and Guerrilla Warfare Missions. After training as the Guardian and QRF, we will teach you: Recon/Covert Ops, Advanced Urban Warfare, Guerrilla Warfare, Convoy Operations, Wilderness Survival, Escape/Resist, and Evasion tactics. 

Step 4:
Community Commander

The Community Commander is the guy that makes all the pieces work together and in harmony.  They are the most tactically and technically proficient person in the community. They are responsible for the safeguard or destruction of all sensitive information and items. They manage the Guardians, QRF, DAF, Communications, and Medical Teams. Required training is: Guardian, QRF, DAF, Trauma Care, and Intro to Commo. The Neighborhood Commander needs to know everything. On top of all that, we will teach you Structural Defense Tactics and Personnel Implication Tactics

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