Certify Your Canine with Tackleberry Solutions

Keep track of your dog's bloodline, personality, achievements and so much more with their own profile page.


Feature their Achievements

Your dog's dedicated profile page comes customizable to their individual accomplishments and personality. This can feature anything from training achievements, work or even awards.

Showcase their Bloodline

Certification comes with a featured web page that identifies breed, lineage and personality score. These pages link back to all Tackleberry Solutions registered predecessors.

Multiply Your Puppy's Value

Add credibility and value to your breed by providing detailed profile pages of your puppies that stay with them even after they're gone. So long as we exist, so will their profile page.

Get Help if it is Lost or Stolen

You can have their profile status changed to "Lost" or "Stolen." Because your canine has their own link that shows pictures, personality and important information, it will be easier to spread the word of important details online to help you find them.


Define Training Potential

A dog's personality greatly effects its drive, obedience level, friendliness, patience, skill and so much more. So, weather your puppy is going to be better in a home environment or working, is entirely up to its behavioral tendencies. You can showcase these things on their profile page along with their personality test scores.



Verify Bloodline

Document your puppy's lineage all the way back to the first litter that was ever registered under Tackleberry Solutions. This will help keep track of who the puppy is related to and what type of personalities run in the family. It will also help you showcase your dog's line if you've defined your own breed.


Multiply Your Puppy's Value

A puppy who is certified under Tackleberry Solutions adds value and credibility since anyone can access the puppy's personality test scores and lineage through their web page using the puppy's assigned ID number. You can feature each relative's information to further provide proof of their bloodline.


Lost or Stolen Aid

You can have your dog's profile status changed to "Lost" or "Stolen" during an emergency. When this happens, we'll send a mass email to all of our canine email contacts requesting that they share your dog's profile page to help you find your beloved canine. We'll also change their profile page status to an emergency alert.


Schedule Your Puppy's Personality Test

We will schedule your puppy's personality test in between its fear stage. This can be done right at 7 weeks [ideal] or after 12 weeks old. *We do not test dogs that are older than 1 year.

Certifications and ID Numbers

Every puppy is assigned a unique ID. This is to help keep track of who their parents were and what litter they came from (vital for future breeding, rooting out health concerns and personality evaluations). 

How to Verify a Puppy's Certificate

After certification, a page is dedicated to each, individual puppy with their personality score (optional), ID number and verification information (sex, color, breed, etc.)

As a result, anyone that registers their pet through us, can prove that their dog was certified by Tackleberry Solutions with that ID number. 


All they have to do is go to go directly to a specific dog's page using their unique website link or go to our blog page, and enter that number into the search bar.

If the information that pops up associated with that ID number does not match the specs of the dog (or that ID number doesn't exist), then that dog was not certified by Tackleberry Solutions

Furthermore, if you wish to verify the identify and lineage of the dog (for your own breeding purposes), you can do so from anywhere simply by looking at their dedicated page online. Every puppy that we certify will be linked back all the way to their first certified canines with us.

Note: This is very powerful because you'll be able to view the dog's lineage and their predecessor's personalities for each dog that has ever been certified by Tackleberry Solutions.

Personalized Profile Page Examples:

Personality Records

No other form of certification tests a dog's personality and commits it to record. Personality is everything. Especially with training and breeding from generation to generation.

Individualized Web Page 

Every certified dog gets an individual lifetime (and beyond) page that is personalized to the canine's verification ID, personality score, birth date, gender, breed, sibling info, lineage and pictures (which can be updated throughout the dog's life at the owner's request.)

Fast, Easy & Credible

Certification simply requires the puppy's information (parents, gender, age, breed, pics etc.) and personality traits. This solidifies the dog's breed and gives the breeder more credibility. Also enabling buyers to ensure that the puppy they are getting was not inbred and a pure line.

Why This Is Divergent to AKC Certification


Pricing Options

*After payment confirmation, you'll be taken to a profile completion page where you can upload the content, images and videos you want us to showcase.


Low cost solution to keep records and prove breeding line or to showcase dog's achievements 

  • Individually Featured Web Page with ID# (Permanent Placement)
  • 3 pictures per Webpage (Includes Featured Image)
  • 1 video per webpage
  • Personality Test
  • Tackleberry Solutions Certificate (PDF Download)



/ Each


Best for registration of adult canines and puppies bred for high quality



/ Each


This is best for protection dog trainers and breeders.

  • Individually Featured Web page With ID# For Each Canine (permanent placement)
  • 10 Pictures per Webpage (includes featured image)
  • 4 videos Per webpage
  • Personality Test
  • Tackleberry Solutions Certificate (PDF Download)



/per litter


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