Civil Defense Online Neighborhood Security

This is what you need to know in order to get started in working with your neighbors and community in keeping each other safe. It is important to start small. Remember that any step in working with your neighbors is better than no step at all. You don't even have to be on a prepper mindset to decide to watch out for each other.

Our challenge to you is to start out by just being alert. Create a pact with your neighbors that you will alert each other if you find something strange or concerning happening around the area. Communicate regularly with each other and establish a good relationship with your neighbors. These are your "battle buddies." These are the guys that are going to be with you when bad things happen. 

It takes specific training in order to be able to fully utilize these tactics. Civil Defense is no longer common knowledge. We are confident that after you take this class and gain a better understanding of what it is we are trying to teach, you will have the desire to learn more and share us with your friends and loved ones. 

We are open for discussion. If at any time during this course, you have a question on anything, you can contact the instructor directly and he would be happy to clarify any concerns.

Course Content:

  • Perimeter Security
  • Rock (Hand)
  • Rock (Hand)
    Casualties and Enemy Prisoners
  • Quick Reaction Forces
  • Rock (Hand)
    Hunting and Recon Teams
  • Rock (Hand)
    Direct Action/Strike Teams
  • Rock (Hand)
    Medical Teams
  • Communications Center
  • Rock (Hand)
    Convoy Operations
  • Rock (Hand)
    And More...

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