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Make your home a more secure place to live. Our Home Defense Course will not only teach you how to prevent your home from being targeted but will also show you military style defense tactics that you can use in defending yourself and your family during a home invasion.

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Safety and Legal Brief


Welcome to the home defense course. In order to get the most out of this class, please ensure that you do the following:


This is your focus point. Keep it in mind throughout the entire course as you make your home defense plan.

Home Defense


Warning signs and how working with your family, your neighbors and your community impacts your home security.

Home Defense


How your mind copes with dangerous or painful situations has a gigantic impact on your response and how long you last when you're in a fight for your life. Knowing the right mindset to have during those times can be the difference between life and death.

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The core of home security as four main elements: 

  1. Fortification
  2. Alarms
  3. Delays
  4. The Ambush
Home Defense

Phase 1

The fortification of your home is a good place to start. This goes hand in hand with prevention, delaying an attack or completely stopping one.

Home Defense

Phase 2

An alarm system doesn't have to be fancy. Anything will work so long as it alerts you of possible intruders. There are several low-cost, yet effective alarms you can use both inside and outside your home.

Home Defense

Phase 3

There are both lethal and non-lethal ways to delay and even repel an attack. This lesson will show you several non-lethal methods both inside and outside your home. From everything starting with gates and even how your furniture can have an impact based on where you situate it. 

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Phase 4

The ambush phase is your last resort, nothing else is working reaction plan. Although you should avoid this step if possible, no home is truly secure without having it as an option. Find out what you do when you are fighting for your life.

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How your home is lit during the night can give you a big advantage if you wake up to an intruder. Flashlights are also very handy when it comes to shooting in the dark, however, don't make the deadly mistakes covered in the lesson.

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The Shotgun

The shotgun is a great home defense weapon. Learn how to use it in a tactical manner to give you the most advantage.

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Congratulations! You have reached the end of the home defense course. Pass the quiz to get your badge.

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Don't forget the bonus section! The content featured in here vastly expands on the previous lessons. Your home security would not be complete without it. Learn about your attitude, get personalized plan examples, learn about defensive positions, and more.