Where are you hands? How to spot an attack before it happens
March 22, 2018

Where are your hands?

Putin, Russian Dictator

Have you ever seen Putin walk? Because of his KGB background, he has a very distinctive habit. When he walks, he keeps his dominant hand directly beside his pistol at all times. It does not move. He has immense amounts of security around him, and yet he still carries a firearm.

Be Observant

Noticing how someone’s dominant hand is stationary, can reveal to you whether they are carrying a weapon. Or whether they are an immediate threat. If someone is concealing their hand with their body or clothing, it is likely that they are holding a weapon. Think about it, when your hands are cold, do you put both hands in your hoodie or just one? When you walk, do you move both your arms or just one? When you are carrying your car keys, do you keep your hand directly by your side, like Putin, or does your hand swing naturally as you walk?

An individual who is concealing their hand is already an immediate threat. (S)he is intending to do something bad or nefarious with the object in their hands. That is likely the reason (s)he is hiding it. It is a subconscious thought. I learned this in psychology at college, recon school, and in counter-drug.

Basically, if you can see someone’s hands, then they are not hiding them. At that point, you know that they are not holding any weapon and therefore not as suspicious as someone who is hiding their hands.

The 30ft Rule

Remember the 30 ft rule. You need to notate aggressive behavior as quickly as possible and before they breach that 30 ft distance from you. Doing so makes it easier to ward off the aggressor before things escalate or to take evasive actions.

Attacked by Strangers

Random people get attacked all the time. Watch this video to see how quickly attacks can happen if you are not paying attention. Notice how the man walking up the aisle was holding the object before he used it to stab a complete stranger in the ear.

It Happens FAST

If someone were to act aggressively, they don’t usually take their time about it. They are in and out before their own safety is compromised. If you are not aware of your surroundings then you may find yourself on the ground before you knew what happened.

Here is a video of a man concealing his hand before he goes on the attack. Notice how he walks by several people and starts stabbing before anyone is even aware of what is happening. The man attacks and leaves just as quickly. What do you think the chances are he was even caught for his actions?

Where are your hands?

Where is in your dominant hand? Can you easily reach your gun? Keep these questions in your mind at all times. It doesn’t do any good to spot your attacker if you can’t react fast enough to stop them.

Walking your dog? Don’t hold the leash with your hand that can reach your weapon. Carrying your child? Pay attention to which hand you are using. If your arms are full, make sure that the hand that can draw your weapon is holding something you can easily drop (i.e. not your infant). The more you are carrying, the more of a target you are. Mother’s with children are a prime target. If you are vulnerable in any way, you are more likely to get picked out from the crowd than anyone else so prepare accordingly.

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Arthur has always had a serious passion for shooting and living off of the land. He started his career working with law enforcement and has been an army recon soldier for over a decade. Arthur has dedicated his life to saving others from hardships and war. Most of his free time is spent outdoors training. With the core belief that the only answer to surviving mass devastation is by being prepared & working together. His goal is to teach that concept to as many as possible.