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What is Tackleberry Solutions?

Tackleberry Solutions is an educational company that teaches military tactics to the everyday citizen for Civil Defense purposes.

Hello, my name is Kit Arthur. I am the CEO and primary instructor for Tackleberry Solutions. My goal is to teach everyone how to work together to protect the innocent and prevent genocide.

The Dying Art

Civil Defense used to be commonly taught by the government, but it is no longer encouraged. Our country is slowly weakening itself from the inside out. Even the military's training has weakening

Tackleberry Solutions teaches rare knowledge that very few people really know. These are things that I've  learned first hand through training with the best and through raw experience. 

 I want to share this knowledge with as many people as I possibly can. I see the danger that lies ahead and I want to avoid the bloodshed and save as many lives as I possibly can. That won't happen unless we work together.

Voice of Warning

If we don't change our ways and come back to the teachings of Christ, we will  see war on American soil. (We don't teach religion, however we don't hide our faith either) Civil Defense is our only answer. By working together, we are not only stronger, but more united.

Civil Defense

We need to unite in the name of security and to start seeing each other as fellow Americans. 

Your neighbor is your battle buddy. They will be the ones standing there with you when bad things happen. So start treating them like you would a comrade in arms.

United We Stand - Divided We Fall

By organizing a community to combat any outside threat, we learn to live with each other's differences and band together for the common good. This then spreads from small communities to larger cities.

Once the organization of the city/county begins, then we can unite the local Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire Departments, and other emergency agencies with the local Civil Defense groups. Drop the "them versus us" mindset. 

Making America Great Again

Once we see  each other as a fellow brothers in arms looking to defend ourselves against any and all outside threats, we will see this country act the same way it has in the past. History has shown us if we have a common enemy that we can unite and grow together to overcome it.

From the American Revolution all the way to the more recent events of 9/11, when we realize we're under attack we band together and fight for each other. 

We the People

I believe that the people hold the power, not the governments. That is why I created Tackleberry Solutions. This is wartime training for the everyday citizen. It is specifically designed to help communities work together during times of hardship. No matter the situation, I believe these skills will be priceless

It's Your Turn to Rise

I'm asking you to help us spread the idea of civil defense. I am not exactly asking for you to spread our name. I only ask that you consider the idea of civil defense. And if you see the value in it as I do, that you share that idea. 

Family First and Train to Failure

The goal here is to start small. We each need to secure our homes and our families before we branch out to our neighborhoods and our communities. We encourage a train to failure method. That is to say, prepare for the worst, most unlikely thing that could possibly happen with as many technical difficulties that you can think of.

For example: A mob of armed protesters surround your home and try to attack your family. The 911 system is overloaded, your phone is broken, your car isn't working, one of your children is shot from a stray bullet and your wife is going into labor.

If you can handle the worst case scenario, then you can handle anything. 

Branching Out

After you've secured your family, then branch out to your neighbors, your friends, your coworkers. Contact your local law enforcement. Vote in a Sheriff that is willing to work with a local militia. Create a checks and balances for each other. The Sheriff's duty is to ensure that the militia is operating within the bounds of the law. The militia's duty is to ensure that the Sheriff is operating within the bounds of the constitution.

Get the Proper Training

 It is imperative that the lost knowledge of civil defense is regained. We rely too heavily upon our own government to save our butts. We have forgotten how this great country was created in the first place. We have grown soft in this era of prosperity. So it is my challenge to you to get out and train!

Arthur's Training Background

  • Law Enforcement - 3  years
  • Recon Soldier - 13 years

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I'm willing to share my knowledge with you. To give you a real no BS solution to defending yourself, your family and your home. You WILL NOT find this type of tactical training that I am offering to you ANYWHERE else. Discover Recon and Special forces tactical secrets. My goal is to teach you with the Train to Failure method. If you are prepared against the worse possible scenario, then the common criminal becomes a piece of a cake.