What is Tackleberry Solutions?

Tackleberry Solutions is an educational company that teaches military tactics to the everyday citizen for Civil Defense purposes. As a part of that we also breed and personality test Doberman Pinscher Bite and Tracking Service Dogs. You can learn more about that here.

Meet the Founder

Hello, my name is Kit Arthur. I am the CEO and primary instructor for Tackleberry Solutions. My goal is to keep you alive and FREE by teaching you how to protect yourself against tyranny.

Family First and Train to Failure

The goal here is to start small. We each need to secure our homes and our families before we branch out to our neighborhoods and our communities. We encourage a train to failure method. That is to say, prepare for the worst, most unlikely thing that could possibly happen with as many technical difficulties that you can think of.

For example: A mob of armed protesters surround your home and try to attack your family. The 911 system is overloaded, your phone is broken, your car isn't working, one of your children is shot from a stray bullet and your wife is going into labor.

If you can handle the worst case scenario, then you can handle anything. 

The Dying Art

Civil Defense used to be commonly taught by the government, but it is no longer encouraged.  Even the military's training has weakening

Tackleberry Solutions teaches rare knowledge that very few people really know. These are things that I've  learned first hand through training with the best and through raw experience. 

Branching Out

After you've secured your family, then branch out to your neighbors, your friends, your coworkers. Contact your local law enforcement. Vote in a Sheriff that is willing to work with a local militia. Create a checks and balances for each other. The Sheriff's duty is to ensure that the militia is operating within the bounds of the law. The militia's duty is to ensure that the Sheriff is operating within the bounds of the constitution.

Get the Proper Training

 It is imperative that the lost knowledge of civil defense is regained. We rely too heavily upon our own government to save our butts. We have forgotten how this great country was created in the first place. We have grown soft in this era of prosperity. So it is my challenge to you to get out and train!

Arthur's Training Background

  • Law Enforcement - 3  years
  • Recon Soldier - 13 years
  • Wartime Tactics Instructor since 2017