Are you a captive?

Jeopardizing Lives

At one point in my life, I worked for a nuclear power plant in the security department. I was once asked to make an evaluation of the overall security. When I revealed to them that there were numerous flaws in their security protocols, they attempted to explain away why it was not their fault for their failure in properly securing the facility and why it couldn’t be changed.

When I did not accept that as an excuse, they later tried to bully me by threatening to fire me if I didn’t accept their lax security standards. Many of which were tactical nightmares that would end with friendly fire. During a few of their ‘practice drills,’ security personnel would accidentally shoot each other and then laugh about it like it was some joke.



The only reason I was able to maintain my position on the matter, was because I was debt free. My home and land were paid for and I had two years of food storage. So their threat had no effect on me, although sadly enough, it worked on many others. My position at that facility was later terminated because I would not conform to their dangerous and lax standards. (Inevitably the majority of the security flaws were fixed as a result of my official report.)

No Immunity

The same thing could happen to you, as we are currently in a gun debate on assault rifles. Will you conform and surrender your weapons because you have no choice? Because you need the specific job that you are at to pay all of your bills, you owe a debt on your house, or depend on electricity? Would this not be considered indentured slavery?

The Dangers of Debt

It is also important to not go into debt at all if it can be avoided. Why is that dangerous you ask?

Because if you owe a debt on something, it is not considered yours until your debt is paid in full. Your house, your car, your land – it all belongs to someone else until the debt is gone and anybody can take it away. Basically, your life is in the palm of someone else’s hands. One thing goes wrong and you lose everything. For example, say you get laid off or fired from your job. If you depend on that paycheck week to week to keep your home, then you are at risk.

The Lesser of Two Evils

Granted it is nearly impossible to own your own home without going into some form of debt. However, there is a smarter way to do it. Start small. Get started with the bare essentials. Once that debt is acquired, put everything you can spare into eliminating that debt. Pay all of that off and save up for the next step before you take it.

Keep Your Dreams

Just because you start small, doesn’t mean you have to stay small. Work towards the kind of life you would like to live. Don’t give up on improving your surroundings until you reach your goals. Just make sure that those goals are oriented towards staying out of debt and owning what you have.

Don’t Grow Attached

No matter where you stand in life or how much you possess don’t ever grow too attached. Put your life and your family’s life first. If the time ever comes that you have to leave everything and start all over, don’t be afraid to do so. Be willing to walk away and don’t let your possessions keep you a prisoner.

Have you ever been held captive by debt? What happened and how did you get out of it? Share your story in a comment below.

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