Call To Action - Save the 2nd Amendment - Don't Ban Guns
April 11, 2018

Call To Action


There is a dire need for us to gather together as a community and as a country. The world is running rampant with terror and violence – which leads to desperate attempts from all corners to blame the law abiding citizens and disarm them. We as a people and as a country need to unite together to support each other in safety with the law and under the constitution under which our country was built.

Innocent Deaths

The days where your child can walk safely by themselves to the nearest park and play are over. *”Every 40 seconds in the United States, a child becomes missing or is abducted.”

Even the days where you could send your child to school in safety are over. – Since the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, there have been at least 186 on school campus shootings.

Depending on where you live, 911 dispatch can take anywhere from 9 minutes to 4 hours to respond if there is an emergency. It takes mere seconds to commit most crimes and the majority of all shootings are over within just a few minutes. At least 69% of all incidents were over before the police could even get there. Hostage situations are even worse as they can jeopardize the lives of hundreds of people and take hours to resolve.

The Uneducated Epidemic


Too many people are blaming the gun for the crime. They don’t understand or simply don’t want others to understand that “it takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun.” It is not taught in school how many times an armed citizen was able to stop a criminal and thereby prevented the loss of hundreds of lives. It is not taught in school how many massacres occurred time and time again in history from the law-abiding citizen losing the right to own a gun.

For those that fear the gun, they do not understand that it is just a tool. It will not take action on its own. Put it in the hands of a good person and it has the potential to save hundreds of lives, put it in the hands of a bad person and it has the potential to kill hundreds. Blaming the tool for the crime makes no more sense than blaming the car for deaths in a car crash. A gun is a tool that every law abiding citizen should have and practice with regularly.

If you have the knowledge to teach others, we challenge you to do so.

May we all stand up and unite against evil so that it can no longer run rampant. Let us all gather together in peace and stop evil at the door.



Amy is passionate about helping others. She is constantly looking for ways to teach others how to be more prepared for hard times. With a core belief that honesty and teamwork are key to survival.