October 7


Dutch ID# (P)1.1D

By Kit Arthur

October 7, 2021

Dutch is a registered Doberman Pinscher under Tackleberry Solutions and is specifically bred for service as a protection dog.

What Makes Dutch Special

  • Born July 6, 2019
  • Male
  • Red Purebred Doberman

ID # Breakdown

Dutch and his ID breakdown:

  • P = Mother is Penelope
  • 1 = Penelope's first litter
  • 1 = Puppy Number
  • D = Father is Dakota

Press Play - Hazel (Dam of Dutch's first sired litter)


Dutch is a red Doberman. He is full of love and is the best snuggler. He is very obedient and always wants to please his owners. He is great with kids, and loyal. Dutch is very mellow but has an excellent on/off aggression switch. He has trained in bite work, tracking, and loves catching a frisbee.

The Parents of: Dutch




Dutch's First Litter of Sired Puppies

Dutchess - Click to View

MJ - Click to View

Ruby - Click to View

Hercules - Click to View

Raven - Click to View

More pictures of Dutch:


Personal Protection Bite and Tracking Purebred Dobermans

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