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How to use landmines in the coming war

Wartime Tactics: How to use home-made landmines (without accidentally killing innocent people/animals) in the coming American War

What are landmines? Landmines are explosives that are placed on the ground or just under the ground. Once pressure is applied, they explode. 

What are Landmines Used for?

Landmines are best used as a defensive charge. Place them on the outer perimeter of your area of operation (A.O.) during a time of war. The landmines will be used to stop advancements of foot soldiers from areas that are difficult to secure. This is especially helpful when your numbers are limited.

Landmines also serve as a type of alarm system. The explosion of an activated landmine alerts everyone of the enemy’s position and presence.

The Negative Side to Landmines

The downside of using landmines is that it is victim detonated. Because of this, you can’t guarantee if it wasn’t a child or an animal passing through that set off the charge. 

You can avoid accidental deaths from landmines by placing the charges between a series of perimeter fences. (This is perfect for stopping recon teams and snipers.)

Wartime Tactics: How to Use Landmines


Example: Your A.O. has a single TCP that is manned. You have 6 guard towers that are also manned. But you have a swampy heavily wooded area to your North East that makes it difficult to see anyone on foot attempting to breach the Perimeter Wire. Especially at night. 

While the swampy area will prevent anyone on vehicle approaching, this is your week area. A trained sniper, direct action team, or recon team would attempt to approach and/or make entry in this sector.

To help with an early warning device, and make your perimeter more difficult to enter, you add landmines and/or claymores. Place them every 5 feet between wire #2 and wire #3 in this sector. Wire #3 will keep kids and animals within from getting to the explosives while wire #1 and #2 will do the same on the other side. You can also add punji traps and pitfalls to help as well. 

How to make Landmines

Making your own landmines at home is relatively simple. You can do so using cake pans and other common household items. 

I designed these cake-pan landmines myself (with a little divine inspiration.) Improvised Explosives is the only book that will teach you how to make it - along with a no-fuse hand grenade, specialized claymores, grenade launchers, and more.... and yes, they are highly illegal to make, so use this knowledge wisely.

Prepare for War. Pray for Peace. 

The time to prepare for war is not when war strikes. It is now! At Tackleberry Solutions, I teach WARTIME tactics. I've literally taken the gloves off and provided everything you need to know about taking on a trained army with limited assets and resources.  Many of these tactics were not only taught in special forces, but were created by me through raw experience. You WILL NOT find this type of information anywhere else.

I suggest you start with my printed book, "Improvised Explosives." In it I teach you how to make your own frags, claymores, landmines and more using common household items. Not to mention a few tactical tips at the end on how to fight a force larger than your own.


There is no digital copy of this information. The only way to get it, is to have it mailed directly to your door.

Do you see war coming to America? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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