How to Use Your Car Keys as a Weapon in Self-Defense
August 30, 2018

How to Use Your Car Keys as a Weapon in Self-Defense

There is a lot of controversy out there about whether or not your car keys could be a good self-defense weapon.

The fact of the matter is that any object can be used as a weapon if the user is desperate enough. (This is why Britain's gun and knife ban will never work) Car keys are actually more deadly than most people realize. The video below is featured from our anti-rape course and will show you how to use your car keys as a weapon in self-defense.

Car Keys for Self-Defense

The key (please excuse the pun :P) to using your car keys in self-defense lies in going after the arteries and not the organs. Don't bother attempting to pierce the heart or lungs since car keys are generally not very long or very sharp. Focus your attack on the thigh, the throat, under the armpits or even the eyes.

Speed and Aggression

Your focus here is speed and aggression. Don't stop striking at your attacker until you can safely escape or get help.

Just because you know how to kill them, doesn't mean that you have to. However, I will say that an injured attacker is more dangerous. They've got nothing to lose and are more motivated to return the favor. Choose wisely when making that decision and NEVER let your guard down until you can be certain that the threat was neutralized. 

The Biggest Stick

Just because you know how to defend yourself with your car keys, does not mean that you should rely on them alone. Only resort to your car keys when you've got nothing else you can get to fast enough. 

Always use the biggest stick first. Carry a gun where you can reach it easily (and not in your purse!) If you can't carry a gun, then carry a knife. 

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