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By Amy

August 23, 2022

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Ava is a registered Doberman Pinscher under Tackleberry Solutions and is specifically bred for service as a protection dog.

What Makes Ava Special

  • Born June 21, 2022
  • Raised in a Litter of 8
  • Female
  • Red
  • Breeder: Amy Arthur

ID # Breakdown

Ava and her ID breakdown:

  • A = Mother is Athena
  • 1 = Athena's first litter
  • 2 = Puppy Number
  • Z = Father is Zeus

Press Play - Athena


Ava took her test on 8/8/2022 and scored an A although she was close 2nd with landing a B. Time will tell as she grows which personality type will stand out more. It'll depend heavily on the environment, amount of training and socialization she receives.

While an A personality will have the potential to become excellent service animals, they are going to need a strong hand. If they are not trained or cared for properly, they have the potential to develop bad behavior.

Service work examples that would work well with this personality score:

  • Police Dog
  • Military Canine
  • Personal Protection

A type A dog is going to need an owner who is familiar with training dogs and has an Alpha personality. Much like a good fighter, an A is going to push their limits until you set boundaries. 

If you have other dogs in the home, be sure that they are not also scored as an A since both Alpha personalities could cause them to clash. Both would demand top ranking amongst each other which could cause frequent fights. However, a ton of early socialization will help smooth this over.

In summary, you can be confident that a type A dog is going love working and give it's job everything that it has got. This is the type of canine that would die for you in the battlefield if it had to.

The Parents of: Ava

Tackleberry Solution's Protection Canine: Athena

Athena personally belongs to the owner and founder of Tackleberry Solutions, Christopher Arthur. She is our smartest, most agile and hardworking canine. Athena is the only one of our dogs that excels in every area that we've trained her in: Bite/Protection work, Search & Rescue, and Therapy. Athena loves her job and she shows it when it is time to train. Click here to view her personal page.

Tackleberry Solution's Protection Canine: Zeus

Zeus is a 100% European purebred Doberman Pinscher. He is very loving and enjoys playing. While Zeus is protective of his family, he is also very friendly to visitors and does very well with children. Click here to view his personal page.

More Pictures of Ava


Personal Protection Bite and Tracking Purebred Dobermans

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