Self-Defense Weapons Training

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What's in the program?

The course was written by Arthur (owner of Tackleberry Solutions.) The training techniques contained in this program are exercises that Arthur uses regularly in maintaining his skill level as an expert sniper.

Who is the program for?

List of Steps


The exercises contained in this program are simple, yet effective. However, we do recommend that you know how your weapon works first. This includes: how to load, fire, unload your weapon and general safety rules.


If you’ve been practicing for some time, yet not quite seeing the results you hoped for. This program will not only help you identify and eliminate bad habits but will also provide you with a more effective training routine.


With this program, not only will these exercises help you maintain your par, but they will also help you to continually improve. Not only will you be more proficient with your weapon, but quicker on the draw as well.


Understanding the Fundamentals of the Pistol

  1. 1
    Proper Grip Placement
  2. 2
    Proper Sight-Picture
  3. 3
    Your Stance
  4. 4
  5. 5
    Fixing Bad Habbits
  6. 6

Program Schedule

Week 1

Weapon Familiarization

Week 2

Establishing Muscle Memory

Week 3

Increasing Speed

Week 4

Failure Drills


Kit Arthur

About the Instructor

Kit Arthur is the founder and CEO. He created Tackleberry Solutions to teach others realistic wartime tactics based off of extensive personal experience and training. Arthur is unlike any other tactical instructor because he doesn't focus on the shooting aspect for "tacticool" looks and "accuracy." Instead he designed Tackleberry Solutions to teach real-life wartime tactics. Arthur's goal is to save as many lives as he can through his teaching and keep families together and free.