Tactical Movies - What can you learn from Logan's War?
March 10, 2018

Logan’s War

Can you learn from Movies?

Week one of the Pistol Course is all about using various dryfire methods while watching movies and “shooting” the TV. It doesn’t matter which movies you watch. However, I can’t help but suggest Logan’s War.

Why? Because it is a very good example of how bad things can happen even if you have a gun.



At the beginning of the movie, there are policemen outside the home of a family. They are guarding the house against a possible attack due to the father’s line of work. The father is also armed. However, they had no defense strategy, the police were not situated properly and the entire family gets killed because of it.

First problem – all of the officers were outside. There was no way for them to warn the family if something were to go wrong. They had no warning system and they had no fail-safe. So when the police were killed, no one inside the home knew about it. The family was still under the impression that they were safely being guarded.

Second problem – the children in the home were not prepared to react to danger. The little boy did not listen to his father when he was told to stay in the room. Instead, he followed his father out into the hallway. The father was then shot because he was distracted by his son.

The Third problem – the mother was not armed. Not only was the mother unarmed, she was not alert either. Her focus was to call for emergency backup. She should have had her own weapon and a way to protect her children should something happen to the father. While I do not doubt the importance of using the 911 system you can’t rely on that alone. Depending on where you live, it takes anywhere from 15 min to 3 hours for help to arrive. How fast can bad things happen? Mere seconds.

Do you have any movies that you have found insightful? Tell us in a comment below. We would love to know.



Arthur has always had a serious passion for shooting and living off of the land. He started his career working with law enforcement and has been an army recon soldier for over a decade. Arthur has dedicated his life to saving others from hardships and war. Most of his free time is spent outdoors training. With the core belief that the only answer to surviving mass devastation is by being prepared & working together. His goal is to teach that concept to as many as possible.