Civil Defense

Guard Basics

Module 1

Stationary Guarding - Roaming Guard - Guarding in Action - Range Cards

Module Structure

The Stationary Guard 9 Lessons


Welcome to the Neighborhood Guardian. Let's get started.

Stationary Guard Roles and Responsibilities

What is a stationary guard and what are they used for? You will be tempted to take the lazy way out, but don't shirk on this role.

Wartime Tactics

The perimeter of your neighborhood should be set up in such a manner that your stationary guards can keep out mass numbers with minmal manpower. 

Peacetime Tactics

During times of peace, you can set out watchpoints to keep an eye out for potential threats. You can keep track of suspicious behavior and intervene/call for help before anything has a chance to escalate. You can also use your notes and pictures that you have taken to help law enforcement track down criminals.

The LP/OP & Blending In

You don't have to be an expert to conceal your location. Just be sure to follow these guidelines.


Realistic Peacetime Example

What should stationary guards look out for during times of peace? Here are some realistic examples of what you can expect and how to react. 


Realistic Wartime Examples

What can you expect during times of war? How would you use your stationary guards? Here are a few examples of what to look out for and how to react.


Wartime Traffic Control Point

Even if your area is not gated, you can keep people from getting in using these methods.


Training Drills

In order to learn this stuff in and out you need to practice it. Here is your homework that you should do on a routine basis to keep up your tactical skills.


The Roaming Guard 6 Lessons

Working with A QRF

*WARNING* This Lesson isn't for everyone. If you have any doubts at all about protecting your family or your community -then don't take this class. What I am about to teach you is very serious. I do not share this information lightly and I want you to be extremely careful about how you use it.

Modes of Travel

Honestly, the best way to get around quietly is your feet. However, there are other ways you can silently patrol your area without walking. (Driving is not ideal)

Realistic Examples During Times of Peace

This is what to look out for and what you can expect during times of peace as a roaming guard.

Realistic Examples During Times of War

This is what to look out for and what to expect during a time of war.

Training Drills

You need to be able to react quickly and with confidence. This is what you need to do on a regular basis as a Roaming Guard so that your muscle memory will aid you during times of trouble.


Guarding in Action 6 Lessons

Slumber Guarding

If you suspect trouble but you don't have the ability to post guard 24/7, this solution may work for you.

Approaching Suspicious People

You want to be very careful when you come upon someone that you feel may be a threat. This is what you should do when you need to be ready to react.

Approaching Suspicious Vehicles

Even during times of peace, you can come across vehicles that just don't belong and may be a danger to your area. This is how you can approach those vehicles with minimal risk.

Staying Alert

Staying alert is staying alive. When you are guarding an area against a potential threat you don't want to miss those subtle warning signs that tell you danger is coming. I've had plenty of experience with this. I've learned the hard way what works and what doesn't.

Rotation Times

Avoid fatigue and complacency by not overworking your guards. Here is how you can do that even when you don't have a lot of numbers.


This is what you need in order to be able to do the job right.


Range Cards 3 Lessons

How to Use Range Cards

These are very useful when you are working as a team. 

Realistic Examples During Times of War

This is how Range Cards can help you during a time of war.

Test Your Knowledge

Range cards won't do you any good if you haven't tested yourself. 


Bonus Material 5 Lessons

POWs & Searching People

This lesson was taken out of our Advanced Urban Warfare course. It will help you know how to handle a person that you have to search or treat as a prisoner of war.

Weapons in Close Quarters

This lesson is taken from our online courses Close Quarter Combat & Knife Fighting - they will help you in the event you need to defend yourself when the enemy is right up next to you.

Shooting in Dark

When bad things happen in the dark you need to be able to utilize your weapon as proficiently as you do during the day.

For Kicks & Giggles

Just threw this in here for fun. Try it at home - have fun but be careful.

Training Advice

Never, never stop training - consider this when planning your next educational route.