The LP/OP & Blending In

Defining the LP/OP

LP stands for listening point while the OP stands for observation point. It is a concealed location in which you can observe activity from without being detected.

It is mostly used during a time or war to observe enemy activity. This is useful in not only knowing what the enemy is up to but also in planning your own strikes.

The Yeti Net

A yeti net is a homemade camouflage blind. It acts as a "wall" you can hide behind. By adding natural vegetation from behind your location to the yeti net, you can make it virtually impossible to be seen.

Using Vegetation

Always get vegetation that looks similar to that which is around your OP. However, never acquire it from in front of your OP. Any disturbance, cuts or changes are easily spotted and will give your location away.

Change your vegetation daily in order to keep the greens fresh and avoid standing out as a "dead" spot.


When you are conducting an LP/OP be sure that you keep your movement small and subtle. Stay behind the yeti net and avoid turning your head too quickly. Movement always attracts attention.

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