Civil Defense


Lesson 1 Chapter 1 Module 1

The Guard Can Help Keep Your Family Safe

The Neighborhood Guardian's primary mission is to work as an early warning system to activate the Quick Reaction Force in order to stop an invasion from an oppressive force. 

Guarding your neighborhood is the best groundwork for keeping your family safe. Even if you are the only one in your team. 

By guarding your neighborhood, you can see potential threats coming before they hit your home. This gives your family time to react or escape before the threat turns into a tragedy.

You Can Do This

Although, it is much more effective to work as a team, you can do this by yourself. You can do this on a busy schedule and it doesn't have to be a 24/7 gig. Any work that you do outside, guarding your home, is much better than none at all.

The key is to be smart with your time and stay alert. Most criminals will case an area before they strike. If you suspect your area is under scrutiny, pick those times to do your guarding. 

The Sacrifice is Worth It

Yes, it can be inconvenient and suck. But the value far outweighs the sacrifice. If you ever get sick of or bored with it just remember 2 things:

  1. There is always a calm before the storm.
  2. Keeping your family safe is worth a little discomfort.

Important That You Know

I am not a lawyer. I am not concerned with being politically or legally correct. I must stress that there is no such thing as a fair fight.

While I advocate the importance of following the constitution and being a law abiding citizen, I create all of my courses on the standpoint that it is much better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6. 

My primary mission is to save lives. What I offer you is the knowledge you need to have in order to do that. Which means, that although you save someone's life using what I teach, you may end up in jail or dead for it.

 I am going to leave it up to you to use your own judgement and know the laws in your area. So if you ever have to make that choice, you know what risk you are taking.

Call to Action

If everyone in our country stopped thinking about their own hide, or personal gain, we would be unstoppable. I challenge you to be the one to start it in your area. It only takes one. (You!)

I challenge you to be willing to do what it takes to save lives. Come what may.

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