Civil Defense

Stationary Guard Roles and Responsibilities

Lesson 2 Chapter 1 Module 1

What is a Stationary Guard?

A stationary guard works in one area and doesn't travel. Their goal is to be in an area where they can observe everything in their sector of fire without moving.


During war time, a stationary guard is usually used to look out for activity coming towards the community. During a time of peace, a stationary guard is used more to observe activities within the community. Such as thieves or drug transactions.


A stationary guard is responsible for sounding the alarm to oncoming threats. This enables the neighborhood and the community to have more time to either respond or evacuate. It is important that these stationary guards have a quick communication system to contact everyone within the community.

They can also gather information to help solve local crimes.

Helping Your Family

A stationary guard helps protect your family by giving you more time to react. Families with little children in particular need as much notice as they can that trouble is coming. 

Diving Deeper

In the next few lessons, I will teach you how a stationary guard can operate.

I will cover:

  • Wartime Tactics & Examples
  • Peacetime Tactics & Examples
  • How to set up an LP/OP (Listening and Observation Points)
  • Training Drills (Homework)

If at any point during these lessons, you get confused, bored, or overwhelmed, I strongly encourage you to let me know. I can't make this course or others like it better without your feedback.

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