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November 10, 2017

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The Diplomat’s Training Background

 Arthur started his survival training at the young age of 5. His father, a US Marine, taught him how to hunt, shoot, and survive off the land. Camping and hunting were so normal that by age 16 Arthur was an Eagle Scout.

Arthur started his tactical career with graduating from Basic Law Enforcement Training at Wayne Community College in 2004. With a BS degree in Criminal Justice Arthur became employed as a deputy. He was privileged to work in support with the Blood Hound Tracking Team, Special Response Team, and Drug Interdiction Team. At Ft. Knox, KY he received Basic Training and Recon School. Training included but not limited to Infantry Tactics, Explosives, Combatives, Repel School, Reconnaissance, Hostage Rescue, Stealth Breaching, Combat Life Saver, Rifle and Pistol Training, Stalking, Land Navigation, Wilderness Survival, and Close Quarter Combat.

In 2007 Arthur was deployed with 1/9 Cav Bravo “RECON” to Iraq. There he and his troop worked with local ODA teams carrying out Direct Action and RECON missions. Later at DARC he was trained in Advanced Urban Warfare, Combat Breaching, Designated Marksman, Live Tissue Training, and Combat Pistol/ Rifle Training. Later in 2008, he trained with BOTAC in El Paso. There he was trained in False Identification Detection, Vehicle Searching Techniques, Hidden Compartments, Vehicle/Human Tracking, and Anti Smuggling Operations.

In 2009 while in Iraq Arthur worked with Naval Special Warfare teams and conducted anti-smuggling operations. Arthur has also trained in Nuclear Plant Security at BNP. Arthur has been certified as an NC EMT and a Counter Drug Agent. While working as a Counter Drug Agent he was trained in Cover Operations, Ground Reconnaissance, Special Response Training, Drug Identification, and Active Shooter Training.

Other training that Arthur has received is Anti Human Trafficking, SERE, Subject Control and Arrest Techniques, and Defensive Driving.

Arthur has also had several overseas missions, in which he trained local forces. It was during one of these missions he earned the nickname, The Diplomat.

Here are just a few of the companies Arthur has worked with:


Direct Action Resource Center




North Carolina National Guard Counter Drug


United States Army


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