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May 18, 2018

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The End of America or The Next Revolutionary War

The Red Flag Law

The Red Flag Law states that law enforcement can seize all weapons from anyone if they believe that person is a “danger” to themselves or others. There is no requirement of proof and no need for that “pesky” due process. So basically you can walk up to a cop, point at someone you don’t like and claim they are showing signs of dangerous behavior. Boom! The cops can go get them and seize their weapons. What happens Next? The end of America or the Next Revolutionary War.

The End of America or the Next Revolutionary War

Let’s forget for just a sec that this violates the crap out of our constitutional rights. But this is also going to flat out get cops, politicians, and others killed. Not to mention start a freaking Revolutionary War. It won’t be long before law enforcement gains a bad rep of unconstitutionally removing firearms. At that point, how is anyone to know if the officer walking up to their door is there simply to ask a question about a local issue or to take their guns? It won’t be long before people stop waiting till it’s too late to find out and just start shooting. Now you’ve got yourself the beginnings of the end of America or the next Revolutionary War.

Liberals and Politians

If the Liberals and the Politicians were so worried about saving lives and keeping the peace, they would not be trying to take away the one thing that has held America apart from any other country in the world – our guns. Let us not forget what the founding fathers went through to give us Freedom. The Constitution is being trodden down and broken apart one piece at a time. Add on this Red Flag Law and you’ve got the domino effect from hell crashing at your doors. As soon as due process is taken ONCE, it will always spread to another and another until there is nothing left.

The Attack on the Constitution

The 2nd amendment guarantees us the right to have a militia and also for citizens to be armed. If you try to collect guns(which is exactly what this is) you’re violating that amendment. The 4th is the right against unlawful search and seizure. Basically, you have to present evidence of wrong doing, convince a judge of that, and then after obtaining their signature, serve the warrant. With this new law there’s no need for all that due process stuff. Then there’s the 5th and 14th amendment also but you get the idea. Basically this law couldn’t be more illegal and unconstitutional. Just remember that the idiots making these laws took the same oath that law enforcement and the military did. To uphold the constitution and defend this country against all forms of terrorists and oppressors both feign and domestic. Interesting how these politicians are now becoming the oppressors.

The Resulting Massacre

So how’s this going to get cops killed? Unless they come out and make it very freaking clear they are not enforcing this law, it’s going to be open season on the cops. These are the poor guys that have to enforce complains with this stupid law. If they refuse, then they get hit financially, politically, and legally. If they do enforce it, then they’re going to find out what all of us Iraq and Afghanistan vets learned the hard way…it sucks being a marked target walking around in a area full of insurgents.

Learning from History

Let’s think about this for a moment. The British found this out just before and during the Revolutionary War. An insurgent walks among the people, dressed the same and looks the same. They are fed intel and admired by the people. Frankly you don’t even know they are targeting you till they shoot at you. Then, like a flash they vanish into the crowd and you never see them again. It’s called guerrilla warfare and it sucks when you’re on the receiving end of it. Most of the smart ones just let you walk into the blast range of an IED and set it off. You will never even see them. Just like us soldiers where in the Middle East, these cops here are driving marked vehicles, wearing uniforms and even the undercover cops are obvious.

"Ultimately, an awareness of the range of responses to the Holocaust reveals the significant consequences of choosing to act, or not to act, in the face of injustice. Through large and small acts of kindness, thousands of Jews and other victims were saved. At the same time, the inaction of the majority allowed millions of children, women, and men to suffer horrible deaths. Albert Einstein, the Nobel Prize–winning scientist who emigrated from Germany because of his Jewish heritage, declared, “The world is too dangerous to live in—not because of the people who do evil, but because of the people who sit and let it happen.” As members of an increasingly global community, it is within all of our interests to gain a deeper understanding of the conditions that encourage individuals, groups, and nations to intervene in the face of injustice."              - Learning from the Holocaust

Fighting For Freedom

Now you have a bunch of combat vets that haven’t long been home from a war where they learned all about the insurgency, so well that we were able to win that war on multiple fronts. And these guys still believe and have proven they will fight for the American way of life and our constitution. Remember that oath we took: to uphold the constitution and defend this country against all forms of terrorist and oppressors both feign and domestic. So now what we have is Domestic Oppressors and Terrorist and a group of guys that have recently been flocking to militias all over the country. Why? Because they’re doing what us vets have always done. Preparing to fight for our country.

Targeting Vets

The issue is we’re better trained, more experienced, larger in numbers, and in most cases better equipped. Oh, and let’s not forget this law targets like 100% of us vets, so you just basically pissed us all off on a personal level. Great going your F&*^$ing retarded power hungry politicians; you just started the end of America or the next Revolutionary War. You best check up on that life insurance cause y’all are about to feel the same pain ISIS and all those other douche bag terrorist groups are now feeling.

Preventing Bloodshed

So how do we prevent all of this bloodshed? Let us not fight brother against brother, cop against civilian. The insanity needs to stop. The best preventative medicine you can do right now is to join or support a local militia. Work hand in hand with the law enforcement and ensure that your local sheriff has the balls to refuse to enforce any unconstitutional law. Do everything you can to network with your neighbors and your community. If we can stand together as one before this escalates, then the bloodshed can be prevented. However, be prepared for the worst, bad things are coming our way fast. Make sure you expand your tactical knowledge and secure your home.

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