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Why Guerrilla Warfare Won’t Work in America and What Will

Wartime Tactics: How to overthrow a tyrannical government in America with a New form of Guerrilla Warfare

What is Guerrilla Warfare? Dictionary.com -  "The use of hit-and-run tactics by small, mobile groups of irregular forces operating in territory controlled by a hostile, regular force."

Why Standard Guerrilla Warfare Won't Work in America

While Guerrilla Warfare can be extremely effective against a larger force, you're not going to be able to use it against a tyrannical government in America. There are 2 reasons for this:

  1. Old Hat - The military is very familiar with this style of fighting because of Iraq = established counter-insurgent tactics
  2. Air Assets - America has one of the greatest abilities in the world for air support = No way to effectively cut of supplies or prevent reinforcements

You can also rule out public assassinations. Why? Because with every effective Guerrilla Warfare strategy, you absolutely have to have the support of the general populace. You're not showing them a very comforting foundation of freedom if you ignore due process.

What Now?

Keep going and you'll get a better picture of what I'm trying to teach you.

Now that you've got an idea of what won't work. Let me show you what will. The key word here for this new type of Guerrilla Warfare is: Snatch N' Grabs

A Bit Far Fetched?

Now you're probably thinking that this is still quite a long shot before it'll work. Let's delve into this a little bit deeper. 

Prepare for War. Pray for Peace. 

The time to prepare for war is not when war strikes. It is now! At Tackleberry Solutions, I teach WARTIME tactics. I've literally taken the gloves off and provided everything you need to know about taking on a trained army with limited assets and resources.  Many of these tactics were not only taught in special forces, but were created by me through raw experience. You WILL NOT find this type of information anywhere else.

I suggest you start with my printed book, "Improvised Explosives." In it I teach you how to make your own frags, claymores, landmines and more using common household items. Not to mention a few tactical tips at the end on how to fight a force larger than your own.


There is no digital copy of this information. The only way to get it, is to have it mailed directly to your door.

What do you think of President Trump? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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