September 6


Living Behind Enemy Lines in America

By Kit Arthur

September 6, 2019

How to fight back behind enemy lines without getting compromised. This was specifically written for American cities that have become tyrannical.


Losing America and Living Behind Enemy Lines

 For some of ya'll out there, the following thought has came to your mind at one point or another. “Wait! I can’t trust the cops...they’re working for the politicians...the politicians are trying to steal my money, guns, and our freedom...Crap! I’m living in a behind enemy lines!” While this may not be true for everyone, this is certainly true for ya'll that are living in a state with the red flag law.

Make America Great Again

This article is designed to explain to you how you can change enemy lines through covert operations. But first you must understand what gives you the authority to do that. Let’s get started.

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state; the right of the people to keep and BEAR arms, shall not be infringed.”  

The 2nd Amendment

Fighting Back Legally

Yes, I wanted you to see the word BEAR. That is what we are going to focus on. We all know what the rest of the second amendment means and it’s pretty clear. But there has been some real confusion over what the word BEAR means.

To help clear this up, let’s look at the oath that Confederate soldiers were forced to swear after they lost the Civil War:

“ solemnly swear allegiance to the United State of America. Furthermore, I do swear that I will never again BEAR arms against it...” 

Oath for Confederate Soldiers After the Civil War

Wait a minute, there’s that word again. See to the founding fathers, and really anyone of that time, the word BEAR was a fancy way of saying, "rebel against or attack." So basically what the second amendment gives us is not just the ability to have guns or a well trained fighting force, but the right or duty to overthrow a tyrannical government. By adding the word BEAR, our founding fathers gave us the right to attack and overthrow those who are in power and screwing up our country.  

Fighting Back from a Religious Standpoint

But lets look in one other location and see what the “Man upstairs” thinks about this.

“79. Therefore, it is not right that any man should be in abondage one to another.

80. And for this purpose have I established the Constitution of this land, by the hands of wise men whom I raised up unto this very purpose, and redeemed the land by the shedding of blood.” 

D&C 101: 79-80

But isn't God was against killing?

Isn’t that one of the 10 commandments? 

Yep, sure is.

You know what else God is against? Slavery! 

“1. Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.” 

Galatians 5:1

If you’re having your money and personal property taken by force, being scared into submission and wrongfully jailed; then that’s a form of slavery.

Slavery is evil, even if it’s at the hand of a government.

And just remember this, after Moses walked down off Mt. Sinai, (while still holding the ten commandments) he ordered the entire extermination of over half of the Jewish people due to their wickedness. Not even the animals were allowed to live.

Events like this in the Bible are where we get the terminology of “biblical genocide.” See God is not afraid to stop evil in order to preserve good. 

Guerrilla Warfare: Insurgent Style vs TE Lawrence

There are a few different approaches you can take to completely destroy enemy lines and gain freedom. I'll cover two.


Insurgents in the middle East would randomly and indiscriminately attack any opposition that they came across. They didn't have any real rhyme or reason to their attacks. They also didn't take the time to consider the general public or their well-being.

An example of this would be houses and personal property damage due to an attack on government officials nearby.

TE Lawrence

TE Lawrence was always careful not to damage personal property. He was solely focused on the government. His goal was to get the people on his side so that when he went in to liberate the city, the people would help.

TE Lawrence did this by offering aid to civilians. Every chance he got he was handing out food, water, and medical aid. Whatever he could do to ease the burden on the people because of his attacks against governmental assets. 

Pros and Cons

TE Lawrence Style

  • More Civilian Approval
  • More Effective Attacks
  • Less Life Loss
  •  Enemy Morale Disrupter

Insurgent Style

  • Tougher Targets
  • More Protection Details for Public Officials
  • Less Effective Attacks
  • More Counter Ambushes by the Enemy
  • More Life Loss
  • More Civilian Scrutiny


If you continue to attack the enemy every time you see them, you will get the same result that the insurgents got in the Middle East: tougher targets, civilian ridicule, protection details for the politicians, counter insurgency tactics, etc.

Basically, the federal government has and still is fighting that type of war and winning. You’re not going to liberate yourself or your area like that. You will get found really quick, and you will also kill some innocent people in the process.

T.E. Lawrence revolutionized Guerrilla Warfare when in WWI he revamped the way he fought. He would use a small group of men about 4-6 guys to destroy the infrastructure of a city. He really favored the sewage systems and water sources. He then would blow railways, roads, or any other way that the city could get outside help. 

These key strikes and direct action missions would continue at his leisure until he felt that the people and occupying force was sick enough, tired enough, and unwilling to fight. Then he would rally a large force of paid mercenaries and attack the city.

Often enough, the occupying force didn’t even resist. They just ran or surrendered. And for the mercenaries, he promised them only what they could take from the enemy when they capture the city. He never paid for them personally. 

This is where we need to start when looking to liberate our city, state, or country from enemy lines. Let’s take this example that T.E. Lawrence gave us and build off it for modern day warfare. 

Modern Application 

Let's say that you're living in a behind enemy lines (like Baltimore.) This city is so primed for destruction it’s not even funny.

Take Out Assets

Using a group of well trained men (we at Tackleberry Solutions call them a Direct Action Force) you would take out the sewage and water treatment facility with well placed charges. Follow that with attacking the power grid. You do this with either a cyber attack or physically attacking the power stations.

  • destroy any helicopters, drones, traffic control towers, fuel points, and other air craft’s within or near the city
  • set fire to gas stations, grocery stores, fire departments, hospitals, and even city hall if you can
  • destroy bridges, roadways, and public transportation
  • identify the mayor, police chief, judges, lawyers, and anyone that profits from the tyranny they have imposed on their people, (we will call them politicians) as the bad guys and make their evil deed known to all. (Also try and make it seem as these attacks are the fault of the politicians.)

With all the rats found in Baltimore, this would cause total chaos within days. You might even see the bubonic plague. When the people are good and pissed off, and ready for a change, they will be rioting in the streets, and blaming the politicians for everything.

Rally Your Community

At this point, all you need is a leader. This individual must have been pre-identified before the attacks started, and must be well favored throughout the city. It would help if they were often seen assisting the less fortunate or helping with the sick. (You also must be seen helping the sick and needy to maintain your image.)

That will come from the chaos and say, “We must take out the enemies of this great city. We must reclaim our liberty and rebuild our great city ourselves. Government is not the answer, We the People are; for the government answers to us. We must arrest these politicians and bring them to justice!”

Hit at the Heart of the Problem

It is time to lead the people behind enemy lines on a raid of the capital and capture the politicians. They must be publicly tried and convicted by the people of the city. Their corruption and crimes against the people and our constitution must be exposed. Only then can they be hung publicly.

Yes, you must hang them, their death is to be UGLY. After this a special election must be held, and new elected officials placed in power. Then the rebuilding and healing can start. But you can be damn sure of one thing, the newly elected officials will be very mindful of the constitution. If they aren’t, you know what to do.

Fear of the Federal Government

Now many of yall are saying, “But what about the federal government?” Yep, that’s an issue. Gone are the days where a sitting President would lead the charge against a tyrannical local or state government.

The thing is, the government today only knows how to control, not to liberate. At first they will try and handle this in a law enforcement way and send in FBI guys with all this fancy gear and try and locate and capture you. (Our Direct Action Force course will help keep you from being compromised.) When that fails, they will turn to what they do best, invasion and force.

Martial Law Behind Enemy Lines

The National Guard (or whoever they send) will come in and declare some form of Martial Law. At this point, you just forced them to show their hand as tyrannical. This can further your cause if you present it to the people right.

Think of it from the side of the people that are suffering. I’m sick, can’t get water or food. And here is the government telling me what else I can’t do. Now if I want water and food, I must submit to their will.

Smuggling in Aid behind Enemy Lines

Meanwhile, there is a small group of guys giving out food, water, and medical aid and asking nothing in return. (Where did this medical supplies and food come from you might ask? You stole it form the National Guard of course.) Think Robbin Hood.

These events will also draw like minded people and national attention. This same kinda thing could and will start popping off in other cities because of your example. Before long, half the nation is involved in some form of an overthrow of their local government and re-establishing a constitutional governing body. This will lesson the federal government’s ability to aid local or state governments.

After securing the local governments, you move on to the state governments. The state governments can then work together to reign in the federal government. Courage is contagious, and all it takes is one small group of guys to show the way.

All it will take is one American, is that you?

Still not sure how this works? 

Our Improvised Explosives Manual not only covers how to make explosives to use in the aid of these tactics. But more details on how to do it.

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