March 15


Rape Victims in Europe are Rising

By Amy

March 15, 2019

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More and more women and children are turning into rape victims, sex slaves and being tortured by refugees packing into their country. Why isn't this being publicized all across the world? Women in Europe are starting to speak out.


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Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

I generally don't like talking negative about other people. I don't like to judge and I believe that we all have the right to live the life that we believe in.

However, I also feel that it lies on us to stand up against evil and seek to protect each other. More and more people are being condemned for doing just that. If you are against gun control, illegal immigrants, or even Islam, you are evil and a hater. Those who speak up against those things have nothing to gain from it except for the desire to help others and to spread the truth.

Before I Start

Schools are failing to teach our children proper history. As a result, most of us have no idea how much danger we are in if we continue in our ignorance. Please watch this full video to get an idea of what I am talking about. It is a real eye opener.

The Dangers of Sharia Law

I feel the need to speak out as well and warn others that Muslim refugees must be handled with extreme caution as they breed a culture of rape. Especially those that believe in Sharia Law which legalizes rape, pedophilia and murder. 

Not All Rapists Are Muslim

I do not have anything against a religious Muslim who wants to live out their life in peace. I advocate that we should all be allowed to worship as we please. However, my desire is to warn others about the danger that lies with those who advocate Sharia Law and Islam.

Searching for Truth

You can google Sharia Law right now and find many articles written by Muslims and talk about how it really isn't what people are saying it is. That it is a good thing and that those that speak against it are haters. You should be aware, however, that Muslims are taught to lie to non-Muslims. They are told to say whatever it takes to convince others to become Muslims.  If a Muslim speaks against their religion at all, it is punishable by death. So they are well motivated. This is also a part of Sharia Law.

A Small But Horrifying Sample

Here is a small example of a few things in *Sharia Law:

A man can marry an infant girl and consummate the marriage when she is nine years old.

Girls' clitoris should be cut

rape victims

• A woman can have one husband, who can have up to four wives; Muhammad can have more.

A man can beat his wife for insubordination.

• A man can unilaterally divorce his wife; a woman needs her husband's consent to a divorce.

 A divorced wife loses custody of all children over six years of age or when they exceed it.

• Testimonies of four male witnesses are required to prove rape against a woman.

• A woman who has been raped cannot testify in court against her rapist(s).

• A woman's testimony in court, allowed in property cases, carries half the weight of a man's.

• A female heir inherits half of what a male heir inherits.

• A woman cannot drive a car, as it leads to fitnah (upheaval).

• A woman cannot speak alone to a man who is not her husband or relative.

• Criticizing or denying any part of the Quran is punishable by death.

• Criticizing Muhammad or denying that he is a prophet is punishable by death.

• Criticizing or denying Allah, the god of Islam is punishable by death.

• A Muslim who leaves the Islamic faith is punishable by death.

• A non-Muslim who leads a Muslim away from Islam is punishable by death.

• A non-Muslim man who marries a Muslim woman is punishable by death.

• Meat to eat must come from animals that have been sacrificed to Allah - i.e., be "Halal".

Muslims should engage in Taqiyya and lie to non-Muslims to advance Islam.

The Desperate Need for Modern Day Heroes

We need to stop being afraid to stand up for what is right. We need to think about the innocent out there who have no way of defending themselves. We need to think about what type of life we are leaving for our children. We need to prepare to protect each other and face the hard times that are surely coming our way. I challenge you to share this article and spread the word.

Do you think I am wrong? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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