The Tragedy of Ruby Ridge 

Unlawful Home Invasions

“Federal Snipers wounded Randy Weaver and shot his wife in the head while she held their infant daughter."

The Supreme Court has been making it easier to get unreasonable 
Search Warrants...

"Decisions by the Supreme Court a have eroded protections against unreasonable searches over the last 25 years."

There are two types of search warrants:

1. The Knocking Warrant - Used for individuals who are not considered a dangerous threat (there is no past history of violence and/or no guns are expected to be present)

2. The No-Knock Warrant - Used for individuals who are considered a threat

(basically anyone that is thought to have guns)

The Dynamic Breach is used by most law enforcement and military to break into an area and secure it before the target has a chance to react. The method uses stealth and violence to effectively surprise and overpower any target before they have a chance to react.

The Red Flag Law 

All across America our gun rights are being trampled on and ignored. If you are a believer in the 2nd Amendment, you will find that you are among the oppressed.

Look at Ohio. They have  instituted a new law called the Red Flag Law. This new law declares that the state of Ohio will have the right to “revoke” your 2nd amendment rights without due process if you meet a certain “Criteria”.

Today that may mean anyone that is a mental patent, tomorrow that may include anyone that “Believes in a talking dead guy” (they were talking about Christ).

Make no mistake if you’re a God-fearing, gun-toting, constitutionalist you’re on the radar and they want you, “Handled”.


The law is working to take away your guns.

This is starting with the ability to ignore Due Process.


No Guns = No Freedom

= Oppression & Genocide

Don't Be Like Ruby Ridge - Learn from their Mistakes

The family at Ruby Ridge ​never had any intention to break the law or harm anyone. They did their best to mind their own business and avoid drama. They wanted to live a life as close to free as they could get it. 

How are they any different from anyone else trying to live the American dream?

Tragedies like this can happen to YOU if:

  • check
    You believe in the 2nd Amendment You are already considered a threat if you believe that you have the right to defend yourself.
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    You Own a Gun You are now considered dangerous and subject to a No-Knock warrant even if you've never broken any laws.
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    You Speak Out Against Governmental Oppression Yes, that means that I am putting myself at risk by even writing this.

Is there anything you can do to Stop an Unlawful Home Invasion?

There is a way to prevent a Swat Team from invading your home if you decide their actions are unlawful.

 If you are geared to protect your home from a Swat Team, then think of how easy it would be to stop a common criminal. With the proper preparation and training you can repel any type of attack on your home.

You need to start preparing NOW.

"I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery." - Thomas Jefferson

Draw Your Line in the Sand and don't let ANYONE take away your guns and your rights. 

The entire existence of Tackleberry Solutions is to save lives and prevent the innocent from being oppressed. That is why I have put my company at risk to offer you the solution to an unlawful home invasion.

How do you stop a Swat Team? Take our online course:
 “Property, Guns and Liberty”


Property, Guns and Liberty is the Perfect Solution to combating an armed and unlawful invasion to your home.

This course is all about making your home harder to break into, stopping the dynamic breach before it even starts and repelling the attack.

Learn Real Military Tactics: In this course I've revealed several recon soldier and special forces secrets to properly repelling an attack. 

  • 1
    Secure Your Perimeter: The most effective way to stop a dynamic breach is to prevent your attackers from accessing the front door before you have time to react.
  • 2
    Fortify Your Home: Have you seen how easy it is to break breach a door? There are several simple things you can do to make your door virtually impenetrable to a mechanical breach.
  • 3
    Combat Tactics: When your life is in danger, deadly force is necessary. Learn how to defeat a trained Swat Team.

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"I was once asked what do you do during a time of peace? - You prepare for war!”

The Dipolomat

P.S.: I want to save as many lives as I can. Don't let you or your family become victims. You never know when they will come to take your guns away - but come they will. It is only a matter of time. 

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Discover what NO ONE is teaching about home defense.

How to stop a Swat Team 

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