May 16, 2018

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The Red Flag Law

Unconstitutional Gun Confiscations

The Red Flag Law allows law enforcement to take away your guns without any due process. All they need to do is put you on their dangerous list. ANYONE can call in and complain about you potentially being a danger. The police then have the legal "authority" to hold a secret meeting without your presence in which they can completely revoke your gun rights. This then leads to a No-Knock Warrant in which law enforcement enact the Dynamic Breach, invade your home and take your guns.

No Due Process


There is no such thing as probable cause or due process during this secret meeting. The only qualification is that the subject under scrutiny has the potential to commit a violent crime. There doesn't even have to be any proof. Anyone can claim you're a danger which immediately puts you on the list.

Taking any sort of medications? Have Depression? Lost a loved one recently? Watch violent movies? Do your in-laws think your crazy? Then you must be a danger and you must have your guns taken away for your own safety. It's only a matter of time before you find yourself and others like you subject to an unconstitutional gun confiscation.

Aftermath of an Unconstitutional Gun Confiscation

Once you've been placed on that list and your guns have been taken from you, it is nearly impossible to get them back. This article explains it perfectly:

"After a fixed period of time — say, 21 days — the gun owner can ask for a court hearing to restore his or her constitutional rights. But guess what? Few gun owners have the sophistication or the thousands of dollars it would take to hire a lawyer and expert witnesses. And few courts are willing to second-guess themselves and reverse the Gun Confiscation Order which has been issued.

In fact, hundreds of thousands of veterans have lost their gun rights without due process pursuant to a comparable procedure. And recent revelations from the VA suggest that fewer than 50 have successfully invoked this "process" to get their rights back."

The Flood Gates

As of May 2018, 9 states have enacted the Red Flag Law. The bill has also been proposed in 14 other states. Consider the quoted article below:

"So, who gets to decide if someone is “Dangerous”?

The gun grabbers have already said that we are ‘Terrorists’ so it’s not too much of a stretch for them to claim every gun owner is “dangerous” for just having them....These laws flip the Constitutional principle of innocent until proven guilty on its head. Now with these laws, you can be deprived of your liberty on someone’s word in a one-sided hearing without your knowledge."

Which leads one to wonder what happens next? This new law is a flood gate for revoking due process and denying all other constitutional rights.

  • This is why you stay away from Liberal states and HOPE they do not infest where you move to . This is not the way this country should be ..

    If its a no knock and someone that is not even a threat see the “storm troopers” kicking in their door ..of course something bad is going to happen and it seems these days the militarized police are itching for it to happen .

    If we do not take back our rights we will forever lose them.. This is just another test to see the reaction ..and if they are testing they are bad period .

    “Democrats” …you attack you push you bait, the media protects your bs and then you point when some of us do not put up with your BS and call conservatives the bad ones?!! Yas you invade and infest our schools go after 5 year olds to teach them how to think so messed up about sex and “its OK if Timmy and Tommy like each other” ..smh they are there for SCHOOL ..

    You immoral disgusting grouping of retards have no idea how to run a classroom never mind a country! I just hope the conservatives finally say ENOUGH rather than let you target US all day long!! Perhaps we should decide to play your game instead?! .
    Guess what morons ? IF you left us alone you would not feel unsafe to the point you want to disarm the ones you target!

    No you don’t though do you? Like diseases or parasites and just like a cancer that wants the entire body does not think nor care that when the body dies so does it!

    • People have already died, protecting their rights and answering the call at 6 am to confiscate. Storm trooper tactics have led to owners being killed. Instead of a ruse of a courtesy check to get in, stop treating gun owners as the enemy. NRA and others must have some plan of attack to get your guns back. Just more tax deductible funds to fight the Leftist kooks.

  • I have never heard of these “Red Flag Law” before but everything I have been reading, I have no words to how appalling the thought of that law is. This is suppose to be the land of the free! We all need to remember what so many lost their lives over. I respect people that may not want guns around or don’t believe in violence. Whatever you believe in, you don’t have the right to tell me what I should believe or How I should live my life. We all need to wake up before we have no more rights!

    • There is hope for our country so long as we have people like you. We need to keep voting and peacefully protesting until we have no other option. However, one of the biggest things we are forgetting, is to educate each other. So many people do not realize how dangerous these new gun control laws really are. Parents have a heavier responsibility to ensure their children are being taught principles of freedom since it is no longer being taught in school. We are raising a generation of sheep. Prayers for this country. I worry about what our children will inherit.

  • It is only a matter of time before we lose our rights. Then each will have to decide whether to lie down or fight. Will we shame our founding fathers by being gutless. I hope not. These Red Flag laws are another abuse of our rights, and let the worst in society determine our rights. Shame on us.

    • Sad but true. One way or another war is coming. I hope you are prepared for it. Prayers to all the families out there that are going to suffer because of power and greed. May we, as Americans learn our lesson and start working together so that this doesn’t happen again.

  • There is a possibility my comments will be met with derision but here goes. There is no way to pass a law that will satisfy all the people. There is no way to pass a law that we could even say satisfies most people without a nationwide vote on the law being considered. The Congress is very remiss in polling their constituents even though the internet would make this completely possible. We, the people, are very remiss in not making our voices known to those who represent us even though the internet makes this very doable. We vote, we go home, we’re done. Few people attend their political precinct meetings where delegates are chosen. Very few. We prefer to gripe on social media. Frankly, I have seen precincts where enough citizens to meet quorum even makes a meeting or vote possible. We do not require US Government as a course to be taken to graduate from high school. So most people cannot even name the three branches of government without running around the corner to consult Google on their IPhones, much less understand the Electoral College Vote which many cry to do away with. Why should that Constitutional election process be done away with when most people do not even comprehend how it works or have chosen to never participate in that process any more than the Right to Bear Arms be done away with which some people are crying for? Those crying for 2nd Amendment infringements cannot even tell you why it was included historically. Most voters have never written their representatives on their views, preferring to write on sites such as this (no offense). Our country is a beautiful place to live. We are truly blessed. And we truly take it for granted by remaining ignorant. Would you be willing to take an online course on US Government? Are you willing to call your state Party headquarters (whichever Party you choose) and get the precinct meeting dates? Are you willing to attend? Are you willing to be a delegate? That is the only real influence we have and it is powerful. Please stop refusing to use the beautiful system our founding fathers gave us by remaining ignorant and lazy. Radical people on both sides possibly prefer you remain that way and the downhill slide of our country will continue. Marching in Tea Parties will not change how an individual is selected to run for office. That starts at the precinct level.

    Now, I am opposed to “red flag laws” as an infringement of states rights. What I would support is gun ownership based on logic. If it is true the human brain does not completely mature until age 25, then that is the age perhaps to legally own a weapon. That being said, then the legal age for military draft should be 25. I do not know of any reason I would ever NEED an AR for hunting OR self defense. I have often told my spouse if a bear is charging me and I cannot stop him with 10 rounds, just let the bear eat me! I deserve it. The “right to BEAR arms” means we need to define “bear”. That which you can pick up and carry is a good definition. I can pick up and carry a rocket launcher. I can pick up and carry C4. I can pick up and carry dynamite or a grenade. Do I need to be allowed to legally buy these items? I don’t think so. I don’t think anyone else thinks that was the intent of the 2nd Amendment either. Suppose a reason for owning an AR is for the purpose of an AR competition (and I don’t know of any such competitions). Fine. The owner of that AR should not be caught by a Wildlife Agent hunting with it. In general, for me, AR’s are like grenades. Not for sale to the public. Last, who thinks it would be OK for a 16 year old to buy an 8000 lb. weapon, teach their self to drive it (AKA: a motor vehicle) and then just turn them loose? No one. You have to demonstrate on a written test and a driving test you know how to safely OPERATE that vehicle. You have to periodically renew that license. Even with all of that in place, so many are killed every year or injured by irresponsible drivers. Yet, the need to re-qualify for your Drivers License is a good idea especially as we get older and vision wanes. I am for courses on gun safety being required by written and practical demonstration. I do believe if you cannot hit the target you are aiming at, you need remedial practice. We no longer live in a society where every boy hunts as in Colonial times. People today do not know gun safety OR accuracy. I am not saying a person needs to hit dead center of a bulls eye target. I am saying they need to be able to at least hit the paper. EVERYONE over the age of 21 does not need to own a weapon they do not know how to handle anymore than a 16 year old needs to be allowed to drive a car when they have not learned how to handle it. Gun self defense courses exist but are not required. Suppose a woman being stalked purchased a gun out of fear for her life and found herself in the middle of that mass shooting in Texas. She was not required to take any classes or to qualify with that weapon. Suppose she panics, pulls her weapon, and starts shooting wild. Who did she help? With sheer luck maybe the victims but more than likely her “friendly fire” in her untrained hands could have hurt more people than she was trying to help. What about requiring safety features as we do on autos? What about laser sight requirements, double safeties, etc.?

    Finally, you cannot legislate morality. Laws cannot make us as a nation return to decency, honesty, integrity. Conduct and manners are taught very little to too few. I can just monitor my own speech and what I accept around me. Vulgarity, obscenity, violence, the things we allow to be watched in our home, is our responsibility. This anything goes attitude has not helped our country. We send loud clear messages with our TV remote control. When we become a nation with no personal limits, we will have a government with no limits.

    • You are spot on about the need for people to be more active in their government. There is definitely a shortage there. The biggest issue is that children aren’t learning basic freedom concepts in school or at home. Thus breeding generations of sheep.

      I would have to object to your points on the 2a, however. The Constitution was not written to restrict the people, but the government. The 2a was not made for hunting, it was made so that the people had the ability to rise up and fight against the government should it ever break the Constitution. As far as preventing bad guys from owning guns – an armed society is a polite society. Most shootings are done by cowards that would not have started shooting in the first place if they had known that everyone in that room would shoot back.

      Explosives – again, the 2a was not made to limit the people, but the government. And you’re def going to need these if you’re up against tyranny.

  • americans must fight against redflag gun laws, its the beginning of the end to our second amendment, refuse it in ur state, fight for ur rights

  • if red flag laws are unconstitutionl because of “what you MAY DO”, Why, then are SO MANY men in prison because, (without EVER touching a child) they have a picture of a non family child on their computers dressed skimpily or undressed. It seems to me like this is a red flag without a crime being committed, and also a totally unconstitutional unthoughtout invasion of privacy!

    • I will agree with you that there are many many laws out there that are either unconstitutional or being abused in an unconstitutional method. However, I’m not going to delve into the pedophile category at all. Too disgusting to discuss and frankly I’d have a hard time not being biased against individuals who are sick enough to have child porn.

  • Do you believe, as I do, that these crimes are committed mostly by boys raised without fathers, or raised by single mothers. Complete set of parents is prime in importance to raise a healthy family.

    • Children deserve both parents in the home in order to get the best start at life. Families are def being torn apart and too many children are growing up without one or both.

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