November 11


How the M107 .50 cal sniper rifle will get you killed

By Kit Arthur

November 11, 2021

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The M107 .50 sniper rifle is probably one of the worst rifles that you could purchase for Home Defense and Wartime Tactics. Here's why.

The M107 .50 Cal Sniper Rifle

This article/video was created for those of you that are thinking of purchasing or have purchased the M107 .50 cal Sniper Rifle (or any other fancy sniper rifle for that matter) thinking that it's going to keep you alive. The harsh news for today, it isn't!


M107 .50 cal Sniper Rifle is going to get you killed because it is not as durable and accurate of the cheaper sniper rifles out there (which I'll mention further down.) A .50 cal rifle will cost you around 10 grand, whereas a standard bolt rifle will cost you around 1,500 bucks to build. 

Furthermore, what do you think is going to happen when you drop the rifle or it gets smacked against something hard while your avoiding enemy fire? There is a reason we call scopes and other optics "Glass," that's what's in them, thus it'll Break! Now you're shooting blind. Iron sights are the most reliable to use.

Thirdly, as with any real wartime scenario. It is very unlikely that you'll end up with the sniper rifle or firearm that you started with (That is if it is an odd caliber). Things break or they run out of ammo. As a result, you'll have to take from your fallen enemies and move on. That fancy sniper rifle you've got has just turned into a super expensive paper weight! 

Lastly, have you ever tried carrying your fancy sniper rifle very far? It gets heavy very quickly. Can you honestly imagine yourself dragging it around? The Barret .50 M107 weights around 20-25 lbs (depending on optics and other additions). A standard bolt rifle like a M24 will weight around 10 lbs. The M14 weights around 15lbs with a fully loaded magazine. 

Weapons Specialist

There is a reason why the military has someone that is called a "Weapons Specialist." Why? Because they need their guys to be able to pick up and use any weapon that they come across. As a result that are trained extensively on everything.

Furthermore, this is something that the Special Forces does. I myself qualified as an expert in this field.

Why? Because when SHTF, you're not going to end up with the sniper rifle that you started with. Eventually you'll run out of ammo or that weapon will break.

This means that when the supply chain is broken, the only way to survive is to pick up the enemy's weapon and use it when yours fails you (because it will.)

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Why the Military Uses Fancy Sniper Rifles

If you're wondering why the military uses the 339 Lapua or any other fancy sniper rifle for that matter? It is because they're using someone else's money to do it! Plus they don't have a issue with the supply chain breaking. You, on the other hand, will. 

Experienced men that have bought their systems on their own and know what they are doing can accomplish the same missions using a .308 Winchester. Why? Because it is cheap, much lighter, easier to use and it doesn't miss. Furthermore, the ammo is much easier to find and scavenge off enemy soldiers. 308 is the second most widely used caliber in the country.


The M107 .50 sniper rifle shoots a 3 minute grouping. This means that at 1000 yards, you have a 30 inch group! That is much larger than a normal sized man. 

As a result, a cheaper rifle like the Remington 700 would shoot circles around that sniper rifle. Most quality 308 rifles like the Remington 700 (Winchester, Savage, and Ruger also make some really good ones too.) with a 24" or 26" bull barrel will shoot 1/2 minute group out of the box, even with crappy ammo. That results in a 5-8 inch group at 1,000 yards (This depends on so many factors. Ammo, barrel length, optics, etc.)

An M14 shoots a 1 minute grouping and can carry more ammo in the magazine than either of the above listed rifles. The M110 will shoot a 1/2 minute group and also uses 20 round magazines like the M14. While you can spend some serious money on an M110, I do think it is the most versatile weapon of the current sniper platforms available. 

what Weapons Really Fight Wars

The military issues its soldiers gear that was made by the lowest bidder. That means that the Colt, Bushmaster, and yes even the Barret were all the lowest bidder.

In most cases, the rifles losses its accuracy after about 200 rounds. The front sight post is bent, and crap just breaks on it all the time. But the weapon is reliable in that it will always shoot.

That's what wars are really fought with, not super expensive fancy rifles. The military understands that it is more important to spend their money on life-saving training than fancy equipment. 

What Will Keep You Alive

The only thing that is going to keep you alive through all of the crazy crap that we're about to have is Tactics! Knowledge will take you so much farther than any other type of fancy sniper rifle, or other gear. 

The best place that I recommend you start is with one of our free downloads. Just enter in your email address below to get started (if you haven't already.) 

Otherwise, the best and quickest way is to simply buy our QRF series where we'll teach you everything you need to know for the coming war about defending your home and working with others using team tactics. 

Then, when you're ready. Contact me and we'll schedule some in-person training where I'll really blow your mind.

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Kit Arthur

About the author

Arthur is the founder and CEO of Tackleberry Solutions. He created this business to teach others realistic wartime tactics based off of personal experience and training. This is contradictory to other tactical instructional classes that focus on the shooting aspect for "tacticool" looks and "accuracy" instead of real-life wartime scenarios. - Arthur has dedicated his life to saving others from hardships and war. His core belief is that the only answer to surviving mass devastation is by being prepared & working together. His goal is to teach that concept to as many people as possible.

  • Kit, a good article, and one I fully agree with you on. While I’d love to own an M110 system just for schitz and giggles, that’s about the extent of its value to me. My old Winchester Mod. 70 in .300 Win Mag is a far better option to rely on for those times I may need to reach out and touch someone.

    $10 grand, would be money better spent on other gear and ammo.
    Always Ammo. One can never have too much ammo.

    Thank you Sir.

    • Yeah, I’d like an M110 also. But that Win 70 is a sweet piece of gear. Ammo is very important, but don’t forget about other logistical issues like fuel, food, cleaning supplies, communications, etc.

      Good Luck brother,
      Kit Arthur

  • Very good article. When it comes to us or them being able to go home after has NOTHING to do with what fancy weapon is used or how much it costs. Brains, tactics, training and commonsense can get you home by using a big rock against the best of weapons.
    And like you said the BEST weapon in the world without any ammo is just a stick or paperweight.

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