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November 14, 2018

Ted Bundy – This Rapist Used Charisma as Bait

Rapists and abductors are always looking for easy ways they can trick their victims into letting their guard down. The most successful ones will approach you in ways that encourage your trust. Ted Bundy was an expert.

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

When you think of a rapist or a murderer, what image comes to mind? They are not always ugly and creepy. Ted Bundy was considered attractive and charismatic. Yet he was one of the sickest and the most deadly rapists in American history.

How did Ted Bundy catch his victims? He would use his charm.

For example, when he wasn’t role-playing as an educated man in uniform, he was nursing a fake injury. Ted Bundy was usually on crutches trying to carry books or something else. As a result, he would get a woman to help him. Ted Bundy would then drag her into his car as soon as they got close to his vehicle.

At one point he even dressed as a police officer. He convinced a young woman to go with him because he claimed her car had been stolen in the parking lot. Ted Bundy claimed that he wanted to take her to the police station so that he could help her catch the thief.

Not many survived his attacks. Those that died, died horrible, slow deaths. Those that lived, were never the same afterwards.


Ted Bundy

Helping People

It is tragic that the world has gotten so wicked that it is dangerous to help people or even trust individuals in uniform. This does not mean that you shouldn’t help anyone you don’t know. It just means that you should never let your guard down. Furthermore, you should never allow yourself to be put into a situation where you are alone with that individual.

Guns Save Lives

The biggest key factor that you should know about all of these women – none of them were armed. A rape whistle does no good when there is no one around to hear you scream. Likewise, people have been attacked in public and no one helped them.


The point is that you should not rely on other people to keep you safe. You need to be prepared to defend yourself at any time. When bad things happen, they happen fast and come in unexpected ways. Ted Bundy is a good example. I encourage you to learn from the past. Study up on your history and look for ways you can keep it from repeating.

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