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Volunteer: A Game Changer SERE Recon Method for Escape and Evasion

By Kit Arthur

December 22, 2021

How to volunteer in order to recon your escape and evasion plans for SERE. This takes planning, time and foresight.

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Planning Ahead

Escape, survival, and evasion are more effective if you've planned ahead of time. This is particularly applicable if you plan on using pre-built structures as part of your plan (especially if you're in an urban environment.)

You see, you'll want to avoid commonly searched locations like abandoned buildings or hand-made structures. The hotter your pursuit, the more creative you'll need to be in your evasion tactics. Your best options are to have a quicker means of escape by acquiring a common vehicle that you've pre-staged and isn't associated with you.

However, where you pre-place your get away vehicle(s) and your supplies is also a big deal. You want them to be easy to access, yet difficult for other to steal or wait in ambush. Furthermore, you're going to want to be unpredictable and use unconventional methods so that your chances for survival and getting out of enemy lines are higher.

Why You Should Volunteer

When you volunteer at potential stage sites, you enable yourself to recon the area (basically to check it out and learn everything you can about it.) This helps you not only get familiar with the location of the area, but have a pretty good idea of the assets available to you and their security systems.

For example, if you volunteer as a firefighter, you may get the access codes to the building (you see, this is easier than handing out copies of keys.) You may also have access to a locker where you can pre-stage whatever it is that you think you may need. This includes providing a place for you to park a vehicle in the back.

Extra Benefits for Volunteer Work

Volunteer work isn't just useful for staging your escape, and evasion gear. It is also super useful for networking and learning new skills. 

You'd be amazed how much you can gain just from helping out your community a little bit.

Side note: When in an survival or evasion situation, DON'T rely on your network to save your bacon. No on wants to help someone that is going to get them killed and that is a super easy way to compromise everything. Word gets out when you screw people over and your entire network may unravel this way.

Another thing that I wanted to add was that while fire stations, vet offices, animals shelters, etc. can all be great resources for aid when you're in a tight situation, you should use these tactics VERY carefully. Don't volunteer so that you can screw people over later. You do it to establish emergency situations and GROW your network

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Do you think it is a good idea to have places like this as part of your emergency SERE (Survive. Escape. Resist. Evade.) plan? Do you have better tactics for an urban evasion scenario? Leave a comment below. I'm interested in what you think.

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