September 11


3 Crucial Tactics for an Effective Ambush

By Kit Arthur

September 11, 2020

The art of the Ambush: most people think that an ambush is done as a "hit the enemy and run away." There is a lot more to it than that.

Hello, my name is Arthur and I teach wartime tactics to citizens for civil defense purposes. Today we're going to cover the ambush, how to conduct one and how to repel one.


3 Crucial Tactics for an Ambush

There are several different kinds of ambushes out there. However, the 3 most likely ones for you to either be conducting or running across are:

  1. Near Ambush
  2. Far Ambush
  3. Complex Ambush

With that being said, I'm going to focus primarily on the near and complex ambush as those are the most common forms of modern wartime tactics.

Note: If the video has been shut down, we are also on Ugetube.

The Near Ambush

A Near Ambush is defined when your enemy is close enough to the ambush that you can reach them with hand grenades. Anything outside of that is considered a Far Ambush.

The Near Ambush is preferable to the Far Ambush because the chances of survival for your enemy are dramatically lower. (However, I will tell you how to survive a Near Ambush attack in just one moment.)

Traditionally the near ambush takes on the form of an L. You'll have one line of guys facing inward (i.e. the Base Line) and another facing across (i.e. the Flanking Element). The goal is to let the enemy walk into the center of the L so that your men can attack. This way, all of your guys can open fire without fear of hitting each other.


Step 1

Once your target has walked into your ambush, it is preferable to start out the attack with grenades and/or clamores. The goal here is to hit the majority of your enemy right out of the gate.


Step 2

Next, your Base Line commander is going to yell for his men to "Lift and shift fire!" This way, your Flanking Element can move forward without fear of getting shot while the Base Element is still using suppressive fire.

The idea is to keep your enemy's head down while your Flanking Element advances.


Once the Flanking Element drives into the enemy, the Base Line commander will call for a cease fire. All of his guys are going to stop shooting and simply maintain that 360 security. Meanwhile the Flanking Element moves through and eliminates any remaining resistance.

Step 3

Following this, the Flanking Element will continue pushing forward until they've reached the last guy on the Base Line. Then they will set up 360 security so that the Base line can move forward.

The Base Line's job is going to "dead check" the enemy. This avoids any nasty surprises. (You'd be shocked at how far an injured man can get in a fight - especially if they start out playing dead.)


Once the Base Line has reached the far side of the ambush site, they're going to set up 360 security around the entire area. This will enable the Flanking Line to walk through and pillage supplies, intel, ammo, etc.


How to Survive a Near Ambush

The only way to survive a Near Ambush is to charge. Don't hesitate, don't even slow down. Go FASTER. You want to get right in there among their men as quickly as possible. This will slow them down for fear of shooting their own men. 

The second you see that you're in a Near Ambush, start shooting. You should be out of ammo by the time you get to your attackers. That's how hard you should be fighting back. From that point forward, steal a gun, pull a knife, resort to hand to hand combat - heck use your teeth if you have to.

The point is, you'll die if you just sit there and you can't go backwards. So you might as well take them on or die trying.

The Complex Ambush

A Complex Ambush is when you are getting hit from more than one direction with more than one type of weapon. I will use the following scenario as an example.

Complex Ambush Example

Let's say that there is a convoy driving down the center of a large city. There are multiple story buildings on each side.


Suddenly an IED goes off and takes out the lead vehicle.


Then an RPG is fired at the rear vehicle and disables it.


This is followed by machine gun fire, grenades, RPGs, and Molotov cocktails.


How To - With Limited Assets

No explosives or RPGs? No problem. I'll explain in a moment.

For now, let's say that you've got a UN convoy in up-armored vehicles on American soil (as a random scenario.)

Step 1

Pull out in front of the convoy (from the front and the back) with large school buses.

Keep in mind that an object in motion is easier to keep in motion. An object that is stopped, is easier to remain stopped. So if you're able to get the convoy to stop, it'll be that much harder for them to push through the school buses from a stand still.


Step 2

What you'll need:

  1. pre-staged vehicles (loaded with 40 lbs of tannerite) at random on both sides of the road. (Now you have IEDs.)
  2. Shooters on the rooftop with guns, grenades/grenade launchers (also easy to make), Molotov cocktails and fire bottles (which you can also make from home... not quite legal, but hey, this is a wartime scenario).

Once the UN vehicles have been stopped by the buses, your shooters on the rooftops are going to wage hell. 

Step 3

If your enemy tries to dismount the vehicle, simply shoot the tannerite-filled vehicles. Especially if they're trying to get into the buildings where you are.

Note: Make sure that you've got a fast route of escape. Always have two ways out in case anything goes wrong. A zip line would be a good example.

How to Survive a Complex Ambush

Again, the only way to survive this one is to push through it. The second you realize that you're under attack, gun the gas and get out of there. Survive to fight another day.


You could also try driving through a building..... not recommended. 

The only other option you've got is to ditch your vehicles and rush the buildings... again, not recommended. You'd be leaving an armored vehicle and exposing yourself. Not to mention that you'd be totally screwed if the doors to those buildings are locked and secured.


The moral of the story here is to simply not get caught in an ambush. Use your recon guys and be smart while you are traveling.

On the other side, an ambush is a great way to gain assets and limit supplies to your enemies. Just make sure that you're doing it right.

Questions? Comments? Share your thoughts in a comment below.

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