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Day to Day Operations: Leading Guerrilla Warfare

By Kit Arthur

June 27, 2020

There are a lot of moving pieces when you are waging warfare. This article on day to day operations will give you a great start.


Hello, my name is Arthur. I teach wartime tactics to Citizens for Civil Defense purposes. Today I'm going to cover several different topics which all tie into fighting a war and leading one. 

I also want teach you a little about history and the original revolutionary war. This is because it is important to learn from the mistakes of others. 

Keep in mind that the timing on this is mostly just an example and will be dependent on your current situation. You obviously don't want be predictable.


OPSEC is a term used for operational security. This means that any information that falls under OPSEC is identified as crucial information that would be harmful if exposed to the enemy. Thus it is deemed classified on a need to know basis only.

Operational Security in History

One of the things that George Washington had against him was OPSEC. He was naturally a very trusting individual and would tell his commanders the full plan before an attack. Thus enabling the enemy to utilize spies to share those plans.

Look at the Battle of Trenton, for example. The Hessians knew he was coming. If it hadn't have been for a snow storm, some militia guys and an act of God, they would have lost. 

Study Francis Marion

When Francis Marion communicated with his men, he told them only what they needed to know right at that moment. He would not divulge the nature of the mission or what they were to do until right before the operation. In this way, no one had the time to get word back to the enemy of their intentions.

Consider the Citizens

The country at that time was divided right down the middle between the patriots and the loyalists.


The loyalists became patriots later because of the actions of the British Army. Francis Marion was considerate of the people and their property while the British were not.

It didn't matter who you were loyal to for the British. If you had what they wanted, they would take it. Many people were left desolate and starving because of the raids from the British army. Meanwhile, Francis Marion would ask, pay for or trade what he needed.

Francis Marion taught his soldiers that if they treated the citizens poorly that they would have ample reason to expose their location, numbers and assets to the enemy. (This happened a lot with the British because of their poor treatment.)

Networking & Your Operation

After a raid/operation, Francis Marion would go back to the farms and plantations where his men were staying and share his spoils. He was very much like Robbin Hood.

As a result, Francis Marion had good relations with the people. They were always happy to offer him shelter and information. 

Sunday/Monday: Operation Identification

Let's say that Sunday night you identify a target and decide to hit a certain location. I'll use the county seat the next county over as an example.

The first thing you're going to do is contact your Recon guys (they also double as your DAF) and send them out. They need to observe the target for 24 hours or more and record who/how many are coming and going. Furthermore, they need to take notes on anything else that they notice which may be of use.

The next thing that they'll need to do is find a suitable place nearby to set up your operation base. Ideally you'll want to pick somewhere on the outskirts of town. Farms are an excellent place as its not uncommon to see "farm hands" come and go. They've also got more food, water and shelter. (Use what you've got - if your network doesn't include farmers, then meet at a bar or a restaurant, hotel, abandoned building, etc.)

Warning: Carpool to limit traffic. Have your men park their vehicles elsewhere to avoid notice. This also has a duel purpose in that it would be harder for spies to drive off and warn the enemy.

Tuesday: Operation Prep

After your Recon guys give you their report, send them home for a few days. They are not to stay with your regular team. No one should really know who they are or what their purpose is. Again, this falls under OPSEC. 

Warning: Your Recon guys are your highest trained, most trusted and important assets. Do not risk compromising them. 

They need to blend in - if you're on a farm, they need to look like other farmers. If you're at a bar, they need to look like they belong. Don't give them a uniform!

Meanwhile, your commanders are setting up shop. You'll need 360 security, guard points and an advanced warning system.

Do the Dirty Work

During every operation, you need to be volunteering for the worst, most unpopular jobs. Be the one that starts digging that latrine first. Why? Because you're men will notice and respect you a whole lot more. Not to mention, they'll be more likely to step in and help do it. 

Never be that lazy douche that stands in the air conditioning and directs from comfort. As the Commander, you need to be working harder than anyone else.

Tuesday Night: Delegate

Once your FOB (Forward Operation Base) is established, get your captains to start training your men for the mission. They need to be doing that while you work logistics.

Designate your Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta teams. (You want to rotate your men so they aren't getting tired of doing the same thing all the time.)

For example:

  • Alpha will work overwatch.
  • Bravo will hit the objective.
  • Charlie is going to be the QRF.
  • Delta is in reserve and guard any equipment not need for the mission.

Wednesday: Start Training

Call all your troops in to the FOB and start training first thing that morning. 

Since Alpha is overwatch, they need to work their snipers, sweep teams, CCP/EPW teams, etc. Bravo is the strike team so they need to build glass houses and work those. Next is Charlie. They need to train for reaction to contact, bound and overwatch, clearing houses, forming the L, etc.

Keep in mind that you're probably going to be conducting your operation like dragoons (except you're not using horses). Which is to say, you're going to drive to the objective, hit, and drive back. That is modern warfare.

Warning: Do a strict head count of your men every 12 hours. This is another method used to find spies. No one should be sneaking away during this time.

Thursday: Train to Failure

Step up their training by adding problems. Think of every imaginable thing that could possibly go wrong and throw it in there. Add a monkey wrench whenever you can. 


Your captain died, both of your platoon sergeants went down, half your men are injured, your commo failed and your escape vehicle isn't working - what do you do?

Let Delta play the bad guys. Use air soft guns or some type of firearm/ammo  substitute that helps portray the real thing. There needs to be some type of fear factor there for getting shot. This gives your guys a more clear picture of what they'll be facing in real life.

Note: 12 hours before your operation, you need to have your Recon guys observe the objective and give you hourly intel. This way, if anything has changed, they'll see it.

(They may also spot an opportunity to simply snipe your target and accomplish your objective without all the hassle.)

They'll also be more likely to spot any of your guys if they try to sneak out to warn the enemy.

Keep Farmer John Happy

Wherever it is that you're staying, you need to constantly be on the lookout for things you can do to help these people.

Have your medic treat any ailments they may be suffering from. Ask your Engineer to fix a few tractors. Get your Recon guys to acquire any parts they need. Liberate some diesel fuel so they can run their equipment, etc. (just don't compromise your guys).

This has many, many duel purposes:

  1. They'll be less likely to rat you out.
  2. Hiding a few guys out later will not be an issue (especially if your recon team gets compromised.)
  3. They can help you locate your next FOB by contacting fellow farmers/business owners - thus growing your network.
  4. Word will get out on how you treat others and it will be easier for you to recruit more people.

Friday: Strike Day

Before daybreak have your men up and ready to go. Before you move on, you need to make it look like you were never there. (It's not going to be possible, but do your best.)

Stage your vehicles and have Delta stand by for when you need them. 

Strike and disperse! There is nothing more aggravating than sitting idle. You'll have so many problems if you don't send your men home when you're not using them and they get bored. - Take care of your men! Let them go home when you're not using them.

Saturday/Sunday: Move On

Identify your next target and move on! Don't sit stagnant. This is when the process starts all over again. 

Liberate county after county. State after state until you are truly free. Each time you press forward, you should be growing. Establish a free government everywhere you go. Hold elections and teach the people how to defend themselves. Civil defense is vital!

Do not stop until the threat is completely neutralized. 


This falls back to OPSEC. If you're doing it right, no one should know enough to really hurt your operation if they get squeezed.

With those that do know a lot, train them to hold out for 3 days. By then, everything would have changed. The fact of the matter is, that they're going to talk. Everyone talks eventually. Those 3 days will give you the time you need to move/strike or whatever.

Keep Learning!

There is so much more to this than what I've just taught you. As a result, there is no way I could have fit it all in one article. I highly recommend you take the next step and either buy my books, or start training with me in person.

If you've got any more questions or feedback, leave a comment below or give me a call. All tactical advice given via online comment or by phone is free.

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