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Are Dobermans good with Children? 2023 Bite Statistics

By amy arthur

June 29, 2023

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Are Dobermans Good with Children?


Primarily, Dobermans are the only breed that was specifically designed to protect people. Or more accurately, their owners. As a result, they are well known for their intelligent, loyal, protective, and loving nature. However, this defensive instinct leads us to one critical question. Are Dobermans good with children?


Hello, my name is Amy Arthur. I breed, train, and sell, purebred Doberman Pinscher puppies for service or protection work and as excellent quality family pets. Our dogs are personality tested and certified under Tackleberry Solutions and recommended for specific tasks depending upon their individual score results.

2023 Dog Bite Statistics

Article Topic: Are Dobermans good with kids?

Most Dangerous Dogs of 2023

Furthermore, the Ehline Law Firm published an article listing the top biting dog breeds for 2023. Their findings are as follows (order not relevant to aggression level):

  • Pitt Bulls
  • Rottweilers
  • Siberian Huskies
  • Pitt Bull Terriers
  • German Shepherds
  • Chihuahuas
  • Border Collies
  • Jack Russel Terriers
  • Cocker Spaniels
  • Tosa Inus
  • Chow Chows

Article Topic: Are Dobermans good with kids?

Incidentally, note that the Doberman did not make their list.

Dog Breeds Most Likely to Bite Their Owners

Furthermore, take a look at the image below which features a list of dog breeds most often found to bite their owners. Again, notice that the Doberman's records are much lower than several other well-known breeds.


Personal Experience: Are Dobermans Good with Children?

Indeed, you might be wondering why I've listed all of these statistics first before answering the original question of, "Are Dobermans good with children?" In short, I wanted to establish my standpoint from other sources to help emphasize my point. 

Alternatively, if I had just shared my opinion about the breed, this would have not done justice to their truly loving and loyal nature.


To expound, concerned for my family, we first decided to go with a Doberman because it literally was the only breed that matched exactly what I was looking for in a protection dog. 

Firstly, they were smart, protective, had short fur so the grooming would be easier, they didn't drool and had the size and look of what I was seeking.

However, I quickly found out why the Doberman was so protective over their family. Indeed, the love that they had for the safety of their pack was on a level I had never seen before.

Final Critical Points

Article Topic: Are Dobermans good with kids?

Critically, weather a Doberman is good with children depends entirely upon their upbringing and their handler. Accordingly, if they are treated with respect and taught with love to respect the authority of their handler, they are likely to suck you into the world of Doberman lovers, just like they did to me.

Side Tip for Establishing Respect


With this is in mind, let me quickly share some advice on how to ensure that your Doberman is good with children (this also works with defenseless animals such as chickens or cats.) 

Article Topic: Are Dobermans good with kids?

Don't Discount Nature

First, keep in mind that puppies start out treating everyone around them (human and canine alike) as equals. As a result, they will play and challenge each other with wrestling as their instincts direct them to practice.

To expound, think of a lion cub. Their play with their siblings is an instinctual directive to prepare them for their own defense and the protection of their pride as an adult

Likewise, Doberman puppies start out life with the same desire to roughhouse and as a result, establish their own pecking order amongst themselves. Which means that, unless taught otherwise, your child is fair game for play to challenge as an equal.

Article Topic: Are Dobermans good with kids?

Teach Your Doberman That Your Child Is NOT To Be Challenged

Critically, this may seem cute at first, but it is important to teach the puppy or dog (whatever age they are) that a child or small animal is NOT their equal.

Tip: In short, you can do this by closely supervising your Doberman's behavior with the child (or small animal). The second that they initiate play as an equal, you step in and gently, but firmly scold. 

Article Topic: Are Dobermans good with children?

Consequently, this teaches the Doberman that the child belongs to alpha and therefore must be treated the same as alpha. As a result, they will still want to love on and play with the child, but it will be done in a much more respectful way and act as a preventative for aggressive behavior towards that child.

Notably, since the Doberman is such an intelligent breed, I've successfully had young puppies learn to respect my children within a small number of corrections. 

Side note: Consistency is key! Do NOT leave your child's side while they interact with your Doberman until it is clear that they are to treat your child with respect.

Likewise, corrections must be done on the spot, or your Doberman will not be able to understand what they are being corrected for. Consequently, if you are not standing right there, you will not be there in time for them to associate your message with their actions and it will only serve as a source of anxiety for them.

Article Topic: Are Dobermans good with kids?

Teach Your Child!

Nightmares_Athena purebred Doberman Pinscher 2

With this in mind, if you really want to ensure that your Doberman is good with children, do NOT allow the child to torment or abuse your dog!

Critically, if you are going to teach your canine that the child belongs to alpha, your child must also learn to conduct themselves so. 

To expound, alphas are not bullies! They are the leader. It is their job to take care of the pack. Not to torment or push the boundaries of their subject's patience. Which leads to me share a common saying:

"There are no bad dogs. Only bad owners."

In summary, you are responsible for your Doberman's behavior. Unless your canine is suffering from a neurological ailment, they are not going to just bite without cause. This especially applies to Dobermans.

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Is there something I missed?

Please share your thoughts in a comment for other readers.

Disclaimer: This article is written as an opinion piece only and is not to be taken as fact, legal or medical advice. Your results are in no way guaranteed and will depend on several factors including your willingness to plan ahead, study and train.

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