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By amy arthur

September 25, 2022

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Goliath is a registered Doberman Pinscher under Tackleberry Solutions

What Makes Goliath Special

  • Born July 25, 2022
  • Raised in a Litter of 11
  • Male
  • Black and Rust
  • Breeder: Amy Arthur

ID # Breakdown

Goliath and his ID breakdown: H2.4Z

  • H = Mother is Hazel
  • 2 = Hazel's 2nd Litter
  • 4 = Puppy Number
  • Z = Father is Zeus

Press Play - Hazel


Goliath is very eager to please and is super attentive during his training sessions. He is not afraid of strangers and has begun introductory protection training. Click here for more information and videos of his work.

Goliath took his test on 9/17/2022 and ultimately scored an A. Only time will tell as he grows, his environment, socialization and training what type of personality he will stick with.

February 17, Update: Goliath continues to show good character with my children and I. His personality is developing in a healthy manner, and he currently exhibits a low B or a high C type behavior. Introductory training for protection work has started. See Current Training for more details.

Grade C Personality Description

A canine that is a C is the best personality for a family who is looking to keep their children safe. A dog that scores a C is likely to be very loving, patient and protective when needed.

Type of service work recommended for this personality score:

  • Personal Protection
  • Search & Rescue
  • Emotional Therapy

While they will need to be socialized and trained consistently, they will not typically require a whole lot of effort. Some skill will be needed in order to establish an Alpha role as its owner. However, with enough practice and study, even novice dog owners can learn how to handle this type of protection dog.

A dog with a type C drive will not exactly be trusting of visitors, but are very unlikely to bite unless provoked or told to (in conjunction with their training.) They may even warm up to a few people who come over if they judge them to be safe. Introducing the dog to the visitor in a friendly and calm manner can help smooth over any ice.

The Parents of: Goliath


Tackleberry Solution's Protection Canine: Hazel

This is Hazel. She was the mother dog of our very first litter. She has a gentle, yet defensive temperament. She is very loving, she also is smart and not afraid to protect her family. She is also a very good judge of friend from foe. We are not afraid to have her out when friends come over to visit. You can learn more about Hazel by going to her page here.

Tackleberry Solution's Protection Canine: Zeus

Zeus is a 100% European purebred Doberman Pinscher. He is very loving and enjoys playing. While Zeus is protective of his family, he is also very friendly to visitors and does very well with children. Click here to view his personal page.

Financing Available

Health Information

Current Training

Goliath is very eager to please, food driven and super attentive:

  • Heel with automatic sit
  • Sit facing forward
  • Sit facing side left
  • Sit facing side right
  • Sit before leaving or entering doorway/gate
  • Lie down
  • Potty trained
  • Introduction to protection training (see IG video below)

Goliath's training ques and how to handle him can be provided via video, however, I strongly recommend in-person pickup so that we can teach Goliath's commands and provide guidance as needed in order to establish authority as his new owner.

More Pictures of Goliath


Personal Protection Bite and Tracking Tackleberry Dobermans

Apply for Approval.

Financing Available

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  • I have had five Dobermans in my life. I am reaching 75 years of age. I would prefer a dog that could be a service dog and not sure if it should be a puppy. I have a very large house and property at the moment. What do you suggest? I really love Doberman and don’t want any other breed.

  • Hello! I’m thinking of getting a protection dog in the future and i LOVE dobermans. I had a quick question though, if my protection dog were to bite someone protecting me then would it be in trouble? I’m asking this because I know that if a dog bites someone then it would be put down unless it’s for a medical reason and I wasn’t sure if it was different if it bit being protective. Thanks!

    • Good question. First, let me establish that this is a questions better answered by a lawyer. I am not a lawyer, and will only be sharing my opinion. Not something that should be taken for legal or medical advice. However, I have written an article on this very subject of which you might find of interest: Are Protection Dogs a Liability?

      In short, there is risk involved with everything you do. While it certainly is heartbreaking to lose a furry friend if they were to bite something, such an act is far less detrimental if you had to brandish a weapon or use lethal force in order to defend yourself. One can be construed as a crime a lot easier than another. One is also easier to defend against than another. Although it is important to ensure that your canine is within your control. One that has not been trained properly or has a faulty personality, is going to be more of a liability than one that is the reverse.

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