Massacres Resulting from Gun Confiscations - the Bosnian War
May 30, 2018

Massacres Resulting From Gun Confiscations

We all know that the Holocaust is a major example in history of the massacres resulting from gun confiscations. However, this isn’t the only time that it has happened. Have you heard of the Bosnian War? This war also brought about gigantic massacres resulting from gun confiscations. The Bosnian War had the largest mass genocide since WWII. Only a handful of survivors made it through the terrible incident towards the end of the war. Every single one only made it by playing dead. And it all started with the, oh so popular Gun Confiscation Order. 

The Excuse

There are a lot of factors that contributed to the Bosnian War. One of the most devastating starting points was when the Bosnian President issued a mandatory gun turn-in. The excuse that was used in requesting the guns was to eliminate any hostile appearances to prevent the war. The only ones who did turn in their weapons were the law-abiding citizens.

Stuck in the Middle


The Bosnian War had the largest mass genocide since WWII.

After the guns were confiscated, the only groups that had weapons were run by the government or by gangs. The government was busy dealing with the war while the gangs were allowed to roam rampant.

The people soon found themselves with a foreign invasion on one hand and armed gangs on the other. These gang members decided they also wanted the piece of the pie and split their time between fighting the invasion to maintain their own territories and raping, pillaging and plundering the defenseless locals.

Accounts from Survivors

During this time the citizens basically became trapped in hell. Options were very limited on getting supplies or even escaping as a refugee. Well-to-do communities were targeted first and those that survived spent their time hiding in bombed out buildings or basements in order to avoid notice. Currency went out the door and many used trade as a form of payment. For example, one would provide medical treatment to the injured in exchange for food.

Political Corruption

The entire situation was very complex, with a lot of political corruption. It was very difficult to dissect who started what. (Aside from the poor locals who were stuck in the middle.)  However, there is one clear fact: gun confiscations = massacre.

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