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Why PD Dobermans Perform Best In Pairs

By amy arthur

December 7, 2022

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Dobermans can be excellent PDs (Protection Dogs). This 5 min read will teach you how you can maximize their performance by working in pairs.

Disclaimer: This article is written as an opinion piece only and is not to be taken as fact, legal or medical advice. Your results are in no way guaranteed and will depend on several factors including your willingness to plan ahead, study and train.

You want a Doberman. One Pup, or a Pair?


Do Doberman Pinchers working as PDs protect better in pairs?

The answer is Yes!

Most importantly, throughout the course of this article I'll cover some critical points on why owning two Dobermans could be the most beneficial for you. Some of these points may surprise you and make a huge impact on how you consider the matter. With that being said, I challenge you to read this article in full before you come to your conclusion.

Keep in mind that Dobermans are one of the only breeds in the world which have been bred solely for personal protection in mind! 

Furthermore, what a lot of people don't realize is that the reason that Dobermans are such excellent personal protection canines is because of their immense love for their "pack." They're like the "mama bear" of the canine world and you don't mess with her cub.


Side note: In conjunction, because of their immensely loving nature, they also work very well as an emotional therapy canine. Their 6th sense for how you feel enable them to pick up on your needs beyond human ability!

As a result, because of this pack nature, Doberman Pinchers act better in pairs. Especially when it comes to PD (personal protection) work. We’ll look deeper into that momentarily. 

Author Introduction


Hello, my name is Amy Arthur. I breed, train, and sell, purebred Doberman Pinscher puppies for service or protection work and as excellent quality family pets. Our dogs are personality tested and certified under Tackleberry Solutions and recommended for specific tasks depending upon their individual score results.

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You Might Not Benefit from Double Doberman PDs If:

Let’s first take care of some reasons why you would Not want to double your Doberman.

Critically, these consist of mostly common-sense considerations, which overlap well with “can you care for and train two PDs (protection dogs)?”

  1. You are short on time, and space: Training your PD Doberman is vital. Dobermans are powerful, majestic, goofy dogs that need leadership from their owners. They are considered large dogs and play off each other well. As a result, your dog buddies might encourage each other's naughty behavior, counter-surfing etc., if you as pack leader do not act to correct this, you have double-trouble.
  2. You lack financial stability: You’re walking, caring for veterinary expenses, feeding, and playing with two dogs. You’ve just taken on two more responsibilities, and managing two powerful canines on your own may be tough. Even the most attentive dogs may be disobedient at times, especially when they get a whiff of other dogs, new objects, or anything that is out new to their eyes or ears. This is why training your PD Dobermans is important!

Are you still with me?

Ok, Let’s Go!

Why a Doberman PD Pair is the Best Idea:

Chiefly, Dobermans make wonderful PDs and family pets. For that reason, having two Dobermans means that you’ll get twice as much affection!

Not only does having a second protection dog give you more eyes, but it increases your canine's confidence!

As a result, when you've got two confident, well trained Dobermans, your canines feel more secure. Their instincts have always told them safety in numbers. Which is another reason why dogs in general are happier with having another canine around.

Side note: When a canine is fearful they are not likely to listen and are just as prone to run away or react over-aggressively. 

Particularly in working dogs, fearful aggression is always a bad thing. 


Here are several benefits for having two PD Dobermans:

Similiar Mindset

First, Dobermans often think alike. There are even many breeders who offer their fully trained PD Dobermans ONLY in pairs. They were trained to work in concert with each other and came as a matching set of protection dogs. As an example, one could be trained to distract the attacker, the other can be trained to attack. 

Friendly Competition


Second, training is very easy, IF you know what you are doing. Moreover, the Doberman is very intelligent and eager to please. Consequently, they generally will work hard with positive reinforcement.

In fact, due to their high intelligence level, the biggest challenge is to keep them focused, and not let them get away with ‘inventing’ variations to the exercise being taught.  

Furthermore, because of the breed’s extreme sensitivity to people, the trainer must always be watchful of their own body language and reactions to issues that come up during a training exercise.  

Consequently, as a general rule, having confidence, a calm demeanor that provides quick and clear reward for desired behavior, while ignoring or, if necessary, simple verbal correction for undesired behavior, will grant you an enthusiastic and talented pair of canine partners. 

Unexpected Benefits

Third, this goes in conjunction to number one. Dobermans and protection dogs in general function as an alarm, deterrent and delay.

With that in mind, most criminals won't expect more than one canine. If they get past one Doberman, they're probably not going to think to look for another. As a result, this gives your 2nd Doberman a chance to catch him by surprise and delay him further. Giving you more time to react.

Policing Themselves


Fourth, play and social interaction is an important aspect for Dobermans. Not just playing and interacting with people. They also benefit from doing so with each other.

For that reason, this further solidifies manners because they will let each other know when one is playing a bit too rough or getting annoying.

Side note: I've found that this behavior schooling bleeds over to how they interact with people. Which is one major reason why most breeders won't send their puppies to their forever home until they're at least 8 - 12 weeks old. This gives them more time to learn vital manners while they're young.

Emotional Stimulation


Fifth, they stimulate each other.  Because of their high activity level, Dobermans (especially a PD) must be given mental as well as physical stimulation in order to be happy.

Accordingly, having two cute Dobermans together has the added benefit of greatly enhancing their ability to have fun and exhaust one another. Two dogs keep each other physically and intellectually engaged by playing in the homeyard, going on dog walks while engaging in social interactions with other dogs.

Doberman Friendship Pairing


Sixth, Doberman Pinchers generally get along: Adopting another dog may be a challenge, particularly if the two dog breeds vary in temperament and behavior significantly. (More on temperament of your Doberman Pairing below.)

Even while each Doberman is unique, they are nevertheless more closely related to them than a whole other breed of dog would be. Two Dobermans will usually get along far more quickly and well than two dogs of a different breed.

Intimidation Matters

Last, but not least! Intimidation - looks matter when it comes to criminals and defending your home. This is actually a military tactic termed "A Show of Force." The more you can look like a "hard target" the less likely you are to encounter trouble. 

Furthermore while PD Dobermans are intelligent and protective, their size and looks are also created to deter and prevent attack. One Doberman is intimidating enough. Two is much more effective

Now What Pairing?

Primarily, this mixing is an issue of temperament and gender:

Male or Female:

While not always the case, the usual recommendation is for a pair of two dobermans male and female; with complementary temperaments. Or a pair of males, again with complementary temperaments. The American Veterinary Association notes most dog aggression occurs when two females are sorting out their place in your pack.

Side note: While the opposite gender does tend to get along better, I normally recommend pairings from the same sex. This is because it enables you to keep each canine whole. Having your PD spayed or neutered can shorten their life span and destroy their drive.

On Temperament:

Here is where it gets tricky, dealing with Doberman Personalities and Temperaments.

In general, it is recommended to have two puppies as a bonded pair. This is the ideal, as they grow and are raised and trained with you and your pack. 

Secondly, introducing a Doberman pup to your grown and trained adult protection Doberman. While it can be done, trainers suggest the most difficult mixing is introducing an adult Doberman to an adult Doberman who is already established in your home pack. 

Side note: Training and raising dogs is a lot like parenting. Everyone has a different method. Some will argue that it is best to only have one puppy in the home at a time to prevent contention. I've not found this to be a problem, but I do agree that it is a point to consider when making your decision.

Alpha Behavior

Alpha dogs do not always hardline other dogs. You will see a confident alpha dog be quite agreeable to behaviors of other, more “subordinate” dogs in the pack during times of play or when the pack is happy and well established. 

Additionally, and this seems clearly a helpful survival tool for wild dogs, you will see the pack defer to different members as the alpha in certain circumstances. 

However two alphas understandably are more challenging.

Recommended Pairing 

If you're looking for a pair of Dobermans with the potential to become excellent quality family pets or protection dogs, I'd like to personally recommend two pairings.

*If one or all of these paired puppies have already been claimed, you can contact us for further pairing recommendations. 

Suggested Male Pairs
Pharaoh & Goliath




Suggested Female Pairs
Rain & Pheonix




Contact Us

If you're looking for an excellent quality Doberman Pinscher or would like more information on puppy pairing, click here to contact us.


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