November 19


Biological Warfare: Special Broadcast Part 1 The Chosen

By Kit Arthur

November 19, 2021

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Biological Warfare: The coronavirus was just a tactical step to get you to do specific things to set you up for something much worse.

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"The Dark Winter"

For some time now, we've heard a lot of mention of a "Dark Winter." I want you to understand that that term was used as an exercise test performed by the Pentagon in the event of smallpox outbreak in the form of biological warfare.

To clarify, the idea of this test was to see what the effect would be if a highly contagious form of smallpox was intentionally dispersed at airports

Biological Warfare

Now I want you to think about this for a minute. If the Coronavirus has such an immense lash back for not vaccinating, how severe is it going to get when something worse comes out, like smallpox? (Although I'm willing to bet it'll be that and/or something else we've never seen before.)

What this means is that very quickly, you won't be able to buy, sell or trade without proof of vaccination (or possibly "the mark".)

* You can actually cure smallpox without vaccination or pharma, starting with something like this (obviously I've not had the chance to test it myself against smallpox, but I've checked with several different sources to include those working in the medical field, and this product has come up more than once from totally different parties:

It Is All About Control

Furthermore, are you aware that the only known live samples of smallpox are owned by none other than Bill Gates. Even worse, he is the only one that I know of that owns or creates the vaccine for it.

This means that Bill Gates stands to make a lot of money (and more power) if smallpox were to break out.

What is the True Goal Here?

A released pandemic of this nature would not only weaken and kill a lot of people, but it would also create a ton of hatred and contention among the entire nation (as if we don't have enough of that already).


How to Survive Biological Warfare

The first thing that I want you to understand here when it comes to biological warfare, is that you MUST not give into your fear. The very same people that have unleashed these attacks on us are the ones that are offering "the solution" or the vaccine, per say.

I must stress a very important point here, YOU CAN'T GET GOOD FRUIT FROM A BAD TREE. This means that it doesn't matter how bad it gets, you cannot turn to the same individuals/organizations that gave you the problem to offer a real solution.

Don't Just Sit there, Do Something!

Your best chances are to turn to herbal medicine, learn independence from the system, prepare for war and pray to God for his protection. Remember not to fear man more than God. Evil has its boundaries and it cannot cross it.

However, God frowns on the lazy. You can't just sit there and expect him to intervene on your behalf. He is going to expect you to do everything in your power to protect yourselves and that includes being able to fight against evil.

I suggest you start training now. My online course on how to fortify your home so that you can defend it against an extreme home invasion with a professional force is a low-cost and great way to get started.

Possible Connections

The majority of the cargo ships that are in our oceans are owned by Chinese corporations. 

What is more alarming with this is that our West coast has stopped taking cargo ships. This means that the ports on the West coast are actually emptying out. Because of this, all of the ships are being rerouted to the East coast.

This is a HUGE security risk because if we ever needed supplies or support from our allies (on the Atlantic side), they wouldn't be able to help us because the ports are over-packed.

Empty Cargo Ships

As these cargo ships are being unloaded in America, they are NOT being reloaded when they return to China.

On the outside this looks like a tactic maneuver to crash the economy and ruin the shipping industry (and it is) however, the danger is much more drastic here.

During WWII, after Pearl Harbor, our Navy was so small and so destroyed, that we actually used shipping container vessels (cargo ships) to transport our supplies and weaponry outside of France and Japan.

Connecting the Two

Now I want you to think about the seriousness of the possible dangers here. Our West coast harbors are practically empty (the side where our enemy could reach us the quickest). Meanwhile, our East coast harbors are stacked up (the side where our allies could reach us the quickest.)

At the same time, those empty cargo ships can be easily loaded with weaponry and wartime supplies. They can also be altered and outfitted into fighting vessels.

Tactical Implications

If the enemy is staging the harbors and their ships in this manner, there is one other piece that we're missing. And that is Taiwan.

Why Taiwan? Because they have a deep water channel directly to our West coast. Which means that they could very easily send a nuclear submarine straight to our West coast. Furthermore, by the time our sonars would pick it up, it would be within striking range of America.

Biological Warfare, Psychological Warfare and Diversions

So what does Biological Warfare, Psychological Warfare and Diversions have to do with this?

Biological Warfare: Not only is our country weakening from the division caused by the Coronavirus. Forced vaccinations have weeded out anyone from the military that has the backbone to defy orders. For years now, the army has been promoting "yes" men and pushing out real men. 

What's worse is that anyone that questions the government is being made an example of (psychological warfare.) So now we have a military that is very quickly becoming 100% compliant with whatever comes down from the top.

Diversions: Now, keep in mind that our Southern border has had several probing attacks with the Mexican drug cartel trying to force their way into America. Our Northern border has had Chinese troops training at the edges of it and conducting cold weather warfare training.

As a result, many of our militia groups our being lured out to defend our country away from the West coast.

The Power Grid

I've mentioned before (refer to 6 Brutal Steps to Taking Over) that killing the power grid and shutting down all forms of communication is one of the first things that an enemy is going to do before it attacks.

Prolonging Discovery

Have you heard of our government warning us of rolling blackouts? We've got oil and propane "shortages" which (believe it or not) has a huge impact on nuclear reactors and their ability to pump water through them to keep them cooled down and operational. Hello occasional power outages (or rolling blackouts.)

Why is this so much more dangerous than just going without power? Because we would be conditioned to expect the power outage. So when the real attack comes and the power is shut off for the attack, we won't know any better until it is too late!

We are being conditioned for Forced Compliance and expecting power outages. 


The cherry on top of the cake? An epic amount of sickness due to Biological warfare to wipe out any form of resistance. 

It is possible that the Rocky Mountains would be targeted the most with this because that is China's #1 strategic problem = Militias and any other resistance force that would burrow into the mountains and fight back. Effectively preventing them from pushing further into the country.

Well, if everyone is very sick, that problem can be resolved. Especially if the next pandemic is much worse than the Coronavirus.

why Am I Telling You This?

Because you are the Chosen. That is right! If you are awake, and realize the danger that is coming, God has chosen you to help protect and preserve the Constitution.

You need to prepare yourself for what's coming. You need to get serious about your training and your networking.

Fortify your house first!

Secondly, network, network network! If you don't have a radio system, get our free download

Make sure your medical knowledge is up to par. Modern Health Care will no longer exist when the power is out. Ask any medical worker - they can't do their job without their technology.

Stay tuned for further special broadcasts from Tackleberry Solutions.

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Kit Arthur

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Arthur is the founder and CEO of Tackleberry Solutions. He created this business to teach others realistic wartime tactics based off of personal experience and training. This is contradictory to other tactical instructional classes that focus on the shooting aspect for "tacticool" looks and "accuracy" instead of real-life wartime scenarios. - Arthur has dedicated his life to saving others from hardships and war. His core belief is that the only answer to surviving mass devastation is by being prepared & working together. His goal is to teach that concept to as many people as possible.

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